Sunday, September 2, 2007

Another Sunday in paradise

Once the local news got through with their "human interest" stories about what's going on for the Labor Day weekend - picnics, the Jersey shore and outdoor activities (ground-breaking stuff) - they actually stumbled onto something interesting, believe it or not.
Some people in Philadelphia were among the first to test drive the Smartcar. What's a Smartcar? It's actually a subsidiary of Mercedes and they've been selling them around the world for a while. Starting in the first half of 2008, they'll be available here in the USA.
The smart fortwo pure will start under $12,000, the smart fortwo passion coupe will start under $14,000 and the smart fortwo passion cabrio will start under $17,000. The vehicle is designed to achieve 40 plus mpg under normal driving conditions and current standards. The gas tank of the smart fortwo is 8.7 gallons.
It looks a bit odd, but then, new things often do. Remember when we made fun of Hyundai's? It looks like an ideal vehicle for cities where space is at a premium. With a top speed of 90mph, it may be a bit slew-footed for life in the suburbs, but maybe kids will start driving them? I'm not sure I'd like to be side-by-side on the highway next to a Yukon or some big Mack, though. It still runs on gas, and the mileage isn't spectacular, but when they get to a hybrid, let me know.
Monday is Labor Day, and unless you work for government, big industry or a utility you are probably working. Almost everything, including my municipal-run fitness center is open, and the list of things that are closed is likely shorter. I'm getting a lot of blog hits for my little rant last year over the holiday oddity, and of course, nothing has changed. I think it's time we had a real National holiday, and not these Legal holidays that allow businesses to be open at their discretion. Would America suffer so greatly if we couldn't get to the mall on Monday?
Generally, people at the lower end of the pay scale are the ones who wind up working on Monday. Maybe they get holiday pay, but how many of them would just as soon have a day off once in a while? The difference between time and a half and a paid holiday is only the "half", and much of that gets eaten in taxes. Wouldn't you like to sit around and sip beer at a picnic rather than schlep sandwiches or ring up discounted pants?
The Phillies, one of life's great mysteries, went down to Florida and lost 2 of three after sweeping a four-game series against the first place Mets. They're hard to figure, and I guess they'll take us right down to the wire again this year - as they have every year for the past 4 - only to [maybe] cough it up in the last few days. The Eastern division is winnable, but not if you're going to lose to clowns like the Marlin. By the way, Marlin is plural, and I refuse to call them the Marlins, regardless of what their uniforms say.
Have a nice Labor Day, readers. I hope you aren't working.


kimmyk said...

I was just telling Jamie tonight I want to get a golf cart to drive to work, but I want one of these. I want a cabrio. OMG. It's so cute. So girlie. Way more girlie than a VW Bug or a Mini Cooper. I'm sooo gonna get one of these next spring when I start car shoppin'. I've been saying I want to be more eco friendly. Well here I go. Way cool. I'll come see you Anthony-it'll cost me about 20 bucks I bet. LOL!

Anna said...

This is the first Labor Day in over 12 years that I haven't worked. Yea....

And that car? OMG. Kim, it would be a riot to see ya in that. Bit of a ladybug.

Kate Michele said...

SOOO cute. Am I to guess correctly that it only seats two?

Guess I'll have to leave the kiddos at home... WHAAWHOOO Haha.

No really, do they only seat two?

Anthony said...

Kate: Yep, just 2. But I'll bet you could jam a bunch of circus clowns in there. Or some Republicans.

Kimmyk: My door's always open! I'd like that car, but I think it is kinda girlie. Too bad. Maybe if I painted skulls on it or had some pointy spikes somewhere?

Anna: It is a ladybug-ish thing. I'm curious to see if it catches on. I would like to drive one, though - girlie or not.

Ladyred said...

That car wont catch on here are you kidding??!! 'Mericans like things BIG. The bigger apparently the more important they feel. Well not ALL 'mericans but ya know, most. I have several friends who are from Mexico and Spain. Oh crap. I totally lost why I was talking about my hispanic friends.

Anyway, I think I am wider than one of those cars. I've seen them around. Mostly on the tv, in movies (Pink Panther, the new one) etc. They remind me of the little penny racers. Remember those toys? Ya put pennies in the back and you can make them do wheelies?? Wonder if you can do that with these cars.

We work too hard over here. Or rather we work so much instead of taking time for ourselves and family. No one people are so stressed, out of shape and overweight. Oh yea, that's where the Spanish/Mexican friends comes in. THEY say we work too hard. Over in those countries, they take like several hour siestas. Can you imagine your boss saying "C'mon guys, lets close down this joint and get our nap on." Yeaaaaaaaaa ok. They also get like months off at a time. At least that's what I "heard" from one of my teachers. They work hard. Put in a lot of hours and days. And then, take months off for a rest. Then go back to work for many months before doing it again. They don't take off for mental health days. They don't have the "work here for five million years we will give you a half a week of vacation" jobs.

Will they make a DumbCar too? I wonder who'd be driving those.

I'm not working. Yay me! Hell I worked a 9 hour day today. Feel sorry for me. IT's been a while heh.

How bout them MarlinS? I couldn't resist. Happy Labor Day!

rattln along said...


I think you should paint it PURPLE.

Anthony said...

Rattlin: If you only knew. I had an Escort that was what Ford called "Iris", but it was actually a purple shade of pink (magenta, I think artists would call it).
I had read an article saying that it was going to be the next hot color. I took a lot of abuse for the 11 years I had that car.

My rebuttal was to go silver with my current car.