Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A Sandwich Quandary

The Wawa charges $4.70 for a sandwich with meat and cheese. I can add as many condiments as I want and the price is still the same. I'm not sure if the price is different with different types of bread, but I always get the whole wheat shortie roll with lettuce, onions and yellow peppers.

Today, I decided to get a Veggie sandwich instead of the meat. The same roll, with Swiss cheese, tomato, lettuce, onions, peppers and pickles cost $3.70. Are they charging me a dollar for the meat? Since the price for the meat sandwich would be the same regardless of the condiments I added, am I being charged $3.70 for a roll and two slices of cheese?

It seems to me that the Veggie sandwich (which I refer to as a "Condiment Sandwich") should be significantly less than the meat one – to the tune of about 3 dollars less. How much should a roll and two slices of cheese cost? It doesn't seem right that I can load-up a meat sandwich with as many condiments as I want, and if all I do is subtract the meat I only save a dollar.

Perhaps Wawa is adding-in an "assembly charge?"