Saturday, July 7, 2007

Our little blue marble

BONN, Germany, July 6 (UPI) - The world is smaller than first thought, German researchers at the University of Bonn said on Thursday. They took part in an international project to measure the diameter of the world that showed it is 0.2 inches smaller than the last measurement made five years ago. The scientists round the number up to 7,926.3812 miles for the general public.

Hey - thanks for dumbing down and rounding for us, the dopey GP. F.Y.I. - 0.0002 miles [the rounded number] equals one foot, so they have this thing right on the button. Quick, everybody jump up and down, we'll make the earth a little smaller for the U of Bonn.
And ... with global warming, the polar ice caps have been melting and you know what cold water does to things.


Susan said...

yeah and we all know that shrinkage only exacerbates gigantic vagina syndrome (re: Curb Your Enth.) :)

kimmyk said...

I would rather have shrinkage then gigantic vagina syndrome-holy hell.

if the world is so big how's come i run into people i can't stand all the time???

it's just not big enough some days...

Laura said...

i had a comment...then i read susan's and kimmyk's and well i couldn't sto[p laughing long enough to remember.
omfg that was too funny!!!
btw, i tagged you.