Monday, July 2, 2007

Life and sports blending together into one big stew

MILWAUKEE, Wisconsin - The Milwaukee Bucks believed Chinese power forward Yi Jianlian was a steal with the sixth pick of last week's NBA draft. But the ramifications of the move were laid bare this weekend as Yi's handlers confirmed they were looking to get their client out of a city he wants no part of.
The city, in the northern state of Wisconsin, has a population of just 550,000 - only 1.7% of whom are of Chinese origin.
Whoops. We wouldn't be racist now, would we, Yi? Rumor has it that Yi wants to come to Philadelphia to play for the Sixers. I can see the Yo Yi headlines now. Here's some news: 1.17% of Philadelphia's 5.8 million people are Chinese, and we have some great restaurants in Chinatown, so maybe Yi is better off here, but I suppose the Sixers would have to trade away some black players to get him, so it may be a racial wash.
As the sixth pick in the draft, he'll make about $3 million per, plus a signing bonus, I suppose. That will buy a lot of eggroll, no matter where you are. Shut up, take your American dollars and play basketball. If you want to be where the Chinese are, maybe you [yi] should have stayed in China. They have lots of 'em. How much would you be making if you were stuck in Bumblefuck, China?
Meanwhile, Allen Iverson is putting that Georgetown education to good use. "I think I'm here because I worked hard all my life to get where I'm at and they want to get rich overnight," Iverson said of the men who claim he failed to properly supervise his bodyguard and others who were with him during a Washington nightclub brawl on July 20, 2005.
Mr. Iverson ... one clue, coming up.
Last night, I was watching the Phillies/Astros game and I could hear, in the background, the ballpark loudspeaker playing Gary Glitter's anthem, "Rock and Roll, Part 2". It occurred to me that the guy is a listed sex offender and lover of child pornography, yet they continue to play his music at games where there are kids and families. I suppose old habits die hard, and that song has been a fixture at sports events since the 70s, and you have to be as old as me to make the connection. Nevertheless, in our P.C. world, can't we come up with something new? Isn't there a Michael Jackson song they could play?

I'd like to know where Cynthia Rodriguez shops. Yankee superstar Alex Rodriguez's long-suffering wife, Cynthia Rodriguez , may have finally flipped her pretty lid Sunday when she went to a game in The Bronx wearing a tight-fitting, white tank top bearing a foul message on the back: "F*** you."
I think this goes back to my point the other day that stupidity is a by-product of money. Some people were offended that Cynthia had their 2-year old daughter with her - in the Family Section, probably listening to that Gary Glitter song. F*** you, too mommy.

LONDON, June 28 (Reuters) - India's Sania Mirza hopes her decision to renew her doubles partnership with Israel's Shahar Peer at Wimbledon does not stir up another religious storm. The last time Mirza, a Muslim, joined forces with Peer at the 2005 Japan Open, their association was short-lived. Under pressure from militants furious over a Muslim and a Jew playing together, Mirza called for some time out.
That's what I love about organized religion - their willingness to see the world as one big place and that we should love each other and work together regardless of our race, creed or national origin. I feel all gooey inside.
We love you - as long as you are exactly like us, and we have such a wonderful perspective on life that we can distinguish between things that are important and things that are not.
Car bomb = good. Tennis = bad.
So, we end today's sports life lesson with a little haiku:

We will blow you up
if you play tennis with her.
She's different, you know


Sparky Duck said...

Yi is doing all this for endorsements. all those Chinese folks back in the homeland will buy big city jerseys over Milwaukee jerseys.

any talk that does not alk about the yankees on the playing field is good news for the Yankees.

Anthony said...

You don't think it's because the folks back home cannot pronounce "Milwaukee"?

Ladyred said...

You know, I'm really becoming fond of your haikus.....