Friday, January 2, 2009

Over and done with.

I enjoy going back and re-reading some of this crap. I enjoy it because I don’t remember from one day to the next what I’ve written, so going back a year or more is like reading something for the first time.
I wonder how long it will stay here. Is Blogger like a time capsule or will I log-on 20 years from now and **poof** No more crap.
The holidays are over, speaking of poof. As usual, it was a big build-up and prep (for some people) for what? The thing I remember about Christmas (when I used to “do” Christmas) was that thrashing and noise of the wrapping paper being torn open. It’s why I never spent a lot of time wrapping gifts. I’d find the cheapest paper I could and tape it together well enough to survive the trip.
In a rush of energy, a half-dozen people would open their gifts and the chaos began. It was always so much nicer when it was just two people giving each other something. Those living room family gift orgies never did it for me.

As you can imagine, I slept through the New Year’s Eve festivities. I heard that Dick Clark made an appearance on the TV which caused some people to wonder if he should have made an appearance on the TV. It’s still his show, right? People have strokes and live. If seeing it makes you uncomfortable, I think the problem is with you.
I never figured out the New Year’s Eve deal. Watching a clock and counting backward, then making a lot of noise because it’s January 1 in your time zone. Six billion Chinese couldn’t care less. But we’ll use any excuse to go out and get drunk, and changing a calendar is as good as any.

Now we’re done with stupid holidays until Valentine’s Day. We should start hearing the guilt-ridden advertising soon.
Go out and do some more shopping, because the more you spend, the more you love.


kimmyk said...

I am completely lame because I was in my jammies by 830 and in bed by 930 on New Years Eve. And it was Jamie's birthday too!! We suck. But we got lots of sleep so that was good.

They have already started putting out Valentine's decorations here. I'm not real big on Hallmark holidays but somethin' about getting a tiny lil heart shaped box of candy from my children when they were little use to melt my heart.

I have a question for you though Mr Wiki-and I'm probably wrong, but could the Chinese care less or they couldn't care less? Same same? Tomato/Tomatoe? Just curious.

Anthony said...

It's not the same at all.

If you "could care less," then you could possibly have less care.

If you "could not care less" then you have reached the level of zero concern.

A lot of people use "could care less" when they actually mean they couldn't care less.

Kate Michele said...

i could not care less about well almost everything other than something.

did ya get that? ;)


susan said...

there are going to be huge parties when Obama gets sworn in-

And Super Bowl! You forgot the Super Bowl!

Laura said...

well considering i have done my part in over populating the world, i am doomed to living room gift orgies until the day i die. this year was different though. with much tears, cries of the unfairness of it all and the gnashing of teeth, i forced my circus act to allow each family member to open one-gift-at-a-time...four gifts times 7 and 8 or 9 gifts for that new grandbaby meant it took a long while. thank goodness i was nursing a mimosa through it all. it was good but it had some ugly too. you try convincing a 6 year old to wait. his daddy and i let him open our gifts for fear he might spontaneously combust. as it turns out the biggest joy still comes from tearing the wrapping paper off. i'm sorry to say that next year the orgy might resume here.

kimmyk said...

thanks for clearing that matter up.

i knew you'd have an answer.
you're smart like that.

junior alien said...

Over here, the Christmas decoration has been changed for Carnival decoration, i.e. costumes of any sort. When you walk through the shops, you get Carnival music in full blast, I mean just a few days after the slushy Christmas stuff.
Well then, after Carnival it's Valentine's Day decoration, then it's Easter decoration, then it's what??? Long way to go until next Christmas, right?