Friday, July 11, 2008

Creamer shoots the lights out at the Klinger Classic.

This was the forecast on Yahoo weather today:
Tonight: A few passing clouds.
Tomorrow: Sunshine along with some cloudy intervals.
Tomorrow night: A few clouds from time to time.
Sunday: Times of sun and clouds.
Passing clouds, a few clouds, times of sun and clouds (my favorite) and cloudy intervals. It's impossible for them to be wrong. I'm telling you, the guys at the National Weather Service are on a break and the interns are filling in. Check the men's room. 2 meteorologists, no waiting. Weather forecasters must wash their hands before returning to work.
I'd be remiss if I didn't mention that my girl, Paula Creamer shot a first-round 60 at the Jamie Farr Classic. Yes, that Jamie Farr. Besides Annika's record 59 a few years ago, it's the lowest round of any LPGA player. Only 4 other LPGA golfers have shot a round of 60. Nice going, kiddo. When I was in Maryland last month I saw someone walking around with a shirt styled after a sports jersey. The name "ANNIKA" and the number 59. Pretty cool, I thought. Now I can make one with a 60 on it. You'll see the back of me on ESPN.

Paula continued her dominance today, shooting six under. However, there lurks another Korean, Eun-Hee Ji, only 5 strokes back after all her trouble.

Meanwhile, pain in the ass Brett Favre is completely on my nerves. First he tearfully retires and gets more news coverage than the Kennedy assassination. Now, he's full of remorse and wants to get his old job back, asking the Packers to grant him his release. There's one problem - once a guy retires he has to petition the league for reinstatement. You can't fire me, I quit. You can't quit. You're fired. Make up your mind, old man. He turned on the tear machine and blubbered like a baby when he announced his retirement. Now he wants a Mulligan. I thought (hoped) we had heard the last of this anointed God of football. Now, it's starting all over again. Anyone wonder why I like women's golf so much?

If you're looking for another cool blog (notice how I said another?) Here's one, called Indexed, where Jessica Hagy takes ordinary events and makes up little graphs and pie charts. There's virtually no mention of the LPGA, but you might like it anyway.


kimmyk said...

my mom went to school with jamie farr.

lil trivia for ya.

Anthony said...

Of course, Calvin M. Woodward High School. The Polar Bears.

kimmyk said...

he's like the hometown hero.
him and tony packo's.

Firestarter5 said...

There's Anthony, and then there's the other guys who want Paula to become a member in The 69 Club.

OK, Ant may be a card carrying member as well.

Anthony said...

Well, you know I wouldn't say "no."

Then again, I have met her mother so I suppose it's not like she'd be dating some houlligan.