Saturday, August 4, 2007

Paula Warhol

Bored? Me too. I found this neat little site that takes a photo and turns it into an ersatz Andy Warhol silkscreen.
So, who else but Paula? She's struggling over in Scotland at the Women's British Open [remember to call it the Men's British Open next year, OK?] so all those Google searchers, here's a little fresh idea for ya.
Since you little bastards account for a decent percentage of my blog hits, I'll keep running them out there for you. Oh, happy day.
By the way, the tournament is on ABC TV for an entire hour and a half today and Sunday. Like they couldn't spare the time. I guess there's a poker tournament or some X-Games crap they need to show us.


Ladyred said...

O I like the Warholesque thing ya got goin on

kimmyk said...

You sure you're not like some stalker type dude? I mean...Paula this and Paula that. Paula Paula Paula.

NO..I'm just kiddin.

That whole Warhol thing is pretty cool. Thanks for the linkage.