Sunday, July 29, 2007


Natalie Gulbis survived a playoff against Jeong Jang to win the LPGA Evian Masters - her first ever win on the tour.

Q. What does this mean to you?
NATALIE GULBIS: What does it mean? How long do you have? This is my sixth year on Tour, and obviously the U.S. has been quite a bit of hype on if I would ever win a tournament. I was really close last year where I lost a playoff, and coincidently it was right after the match play. It was like déjà vu. There was a match play event in the United States. Lost in the first round. Worked really hard on my game. Came over here was hitting the ball well, and these two events I really wanted to play well in. I had been injured for a lot of the season and was way back on the money list, like 44th, maybe 50th. Probably the lowest I'd ever gotten to. Just tried to stay positive, so that means a lot, that the hard work has paid off. So many great people supporting me in the U.S. from the media to my team to my fans. It's great.

Nice going, Natalie. Now, there remains one hot shot who has yet to win on the tour. Michelle Wie finished this one tied for 69th at 16 over par. Maybe someday. Maybe not. Although, I'm sure she'll be trying to play with the men again soon.

What a lucky trophy. As for me, it's off to the Electric Factory to see (and hear) Chris Cornell. I'm figuring there's going to be a blog post in there somewhere.


Firestarter5 said...

I see she likes posing in bikini's as well according to Google Images!

Anthony said...

yep. she has two whole calendars of bikini/cheesecake shots. Nice to see her back up all that hype with a win.\
Nothing would be better for the LPGA than for Natalie to go on a little winning streak.

Sparky Duck said...

Im blinded by Natalie pictures. was there a post with it?