Monday, July 30, 2007

Nothing spectacular to report.

It's probably a good thing. No, it's definitely a good thing that I don't have any fascinating stories from my night out to the Chris Cornell show at the Electric Factory last night. Other than the fact that Chris still has the best voice in rock, although it is often hard to prove, as fifteen hundred or so sing-along artists feel like it's necessary for me to hear their version of Black Hole Sun rather than Chris's. Umm, I think I'd rather hear Chris than your drunk ass. He dug deep into the songbook, doing old Soundgarden stuff, Audioslave and his own solo work, including songs from his new CD called Carry On. They didn't know the words to those songs, so Chris got to sing them himself.

free music

Sadly, I found out that the Friday's at Logan Circle has no "Lost and Found" department. When I was there last month, I left my favorite Phillies cap at the bar. (It's the one I am wearing on one of my blog ID photos.) I suppose it wound up in a dumpster, as I was informed that they don't save things unless they are valuable, "like cell phones." Pardon me, but I got my last cell phone for free and that cap cost me twenty bucks. That'll teach me. Maybe.
Now, allow me another opportunity to rant about my least favorite group of people - the TV weather guessers. Our local crop consists mostly of Glen "Hurricane" Schwartz, Kathy Orr and Google search target Cecily Tynan. They each earn in one year what it takes me more than 10 years to earn, and if I did as bad a job as they do, I'd be one of the bums sleeping on Broad Street.
On Friday's 11 o'clock news, Glen told us that "Saturday morning would be the only decent part of the weekend." Saturday morning was decent (nice job, Glen), however the sun shone until sundown, when the early evening became decent as well.
Then, he told us that we could expect thunderstorms on Sunday afternoon and evening. I worried, because I would be on foot in the city, so I took extra taxi money and figured on meeting some nice folks from Uzbekistan and being introduced to new smells from around the world. I was in the city from 4pm until nearly midnight. It didn't rain a drop.
Sunday's forecast for today called for temperatures in the low to mid 80s. This morning, they were saying a high of 88. That's a ten percent difference. Real journalists and "newspeople" are held accountable for their stories and sources. These guys (and girls) act with impunity, and use vague terms like "isolated" and "scattered" because they really don't know if or when the rain is coming. Snow forecasts call for 1 to 6 inches. 1 to 6? Nice guess, Kepler. Honestly, we'd be better off with a wet stick and one of those barometers with the RAIN/CHANGE/FAIR dials. I can read, too.

I wouldn't mind so much if they didn't make such a big deal out of their fancy weather gizmos and pump up the weather part of the news so much. Cecily gets top billing, the forecast is hyped during the evening's programs and we're zoomed and whizzed around the screen with fly-by's and Storm Tracker junk. Meanwhile, they can't get the damned forecast right. Shouldn't that be the most important thing? Nope - It's all about the show, and like lots of other things, once TV gets involved, things get FUBAR.
Geez, I didn't think I had anything to blog about today.


Laura said...

too bad about the lost cap. because of the blog photo, i imagine you wearing that as i hear what you have to say here.
it was a kind of cool cap, so says the girl from pittsburgh

Firestarter5 said...

Yep, I pay yearly to use it, but I have a better record than any weatherperson around.

Kate Michele said...

It's been suppose to rain for a week now ;)

Sparky Duck said...

First mistake was watching Hurricane in the first place. the worst weather person in the Delaware Valley