Sunday, August 12, 2007

The little things.

I noticed that someone from Colorado State University ran across my post about the hurricane forecasters after Google searching William Gray, who heads up a hurricane research team at Colorado State University. Things like that really make my day. I'm funny like that.
Last Tuesday, I noticed that someone at work Googled my name and came across the blog. I was off work that day, so it stood out like a sore thumb. That's strange, since anyone at work who wants to know anything about me could ... um ... walk downstairs and ask. Who's Googling me at work? [I wonder quietly to myself].
It's 100 degrees in Tulsa, Oklahoma; where they are playing the PGA Tournament. Men in polyester shirts and slacks out in the hot sun. There must be a rule that says men are not allowed to wear shorts during their tournaments. I'm going to believe that there is, because if there isn't, then the whole bunch of them are dumbasses. Who willingly wears long pants when the temperature is over 95 degrees? There has to be a rule.
Today I was reading an article on Yahoo detailing 7 Dating Ups and Downs. Near the bottom of the article the author proclaimed: Rejection is what dating is all about. Really? That's what it's all about? Swell. It's nice to know that all these years I've been doing it right.
To your immediate right is Dolly Parton - or what is left of Dolly after chemical peels, cosmetic surgery or whatever else she has had done to herself over the years. People scream about the way Michael Jackson looks, but how much different is Dolly? I suppose, because she's a girl with big cans that it would be odd to complain. She's 61 years old, you know. Of course, people have free will and money - and the combination of the two often leads to questionable decisions, or in Dolly's case, repeated questionable decisions.
I think the thing about cosmetic surgery is that it is rarely an end to a problem. It is often an interim step toward a lifetime of obsessive behavior taken by people who are (for whatever reason) uncomfortable with the way they look and believe that changing their exterior is going to make them happier about the kind of person they are. Would Dolly Parton be as popular if she didn't have huge silicone jugs? She has a thin voice and writes nice songs, but so do a lot of people. If the answer is yes, then looks don't matter, but we know that the answer is no, and that's a little sad.


Kate Michele said...

I'd like to have her tiny waist though. BUT your right.... There's no such thing as I'll only have one drink and there's no such thing as I'll only do this one little procedure.

Firestarter5 said...

Ah! The workplace discovers your blog. Nothing good can come of this.

the108 said...

Rejection? And here I thought it was about tapping that ass. Weird.

Ladyred said...

I actually thought she had her boobs reduced like a million years ago so I figured they were real (yea how old is she anyway??) I know the hair and face are. Probably her body. What gets me is why people would knowingly inject a disease into their face (botox).

Wait she's not human.

Oh how'd they find your blog? Your last name isn't on here is it?

I find it interesting that companys google themselves and end up on your page. I shouldn't have told my dad to google everyone in the family. He won't find my blog unless he uses my screen name. But he did find me on my previous college's website where I told him I had my photos up there when they were at the Georgia Capital building. He never listens to me.

Oh yea I was watching the synopsis of the golf thing. I usually hit next channel on the remote but I was wondering why in god's name would they be wearing long pants, black and synthetic no less? I would have been drowning in my own sweat.

kimmyk said...

Oy @ someone googling your name. go away coworkers, go away.

i've thought about plastic surgery before. i'd love to have the girls lifted, get a tummy tuck, get some of this or that....but i know for me once i have one thing i'll want another-i have such an addictive personality i think.