Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Bloggus Interruptus

Geez, like I don't get enough of this crap on TV. I'm in the middle of talking to two hot girls, and Bloggus Interruptus pops up with the "Restart" window. Screw you, buddy - you're Blog Blocking, big time. If I wanted to re-start, I'd re-start.
Then, I'm watching TV, and up comes the icon on the screen, telling me what's on next. I really don't care what's on next. I care about what's on now. Then, when the commercial break comes, they tell me what's on next - again. Not only do they have to hype up their next show, but they have to do it with moveable images that take up a quarter of the screen. Can I watch the show?
Imagine you're reading a book [a stretch, I know for the TV types] and someone waves a piece of paper in your face and says, "Read this!" Would you be irritated that somebody interrupted your book? Sure, you would. So, why do we stand for it when we're watching television?
They don't interrupt the commercials, only the program. To me, that demonstrates a lack of respect for their viewers, and reminds me that they only care about their advertisers (i.e. "bill payers") and figure that we're such slaves to their programs that we will withstand rude behavior because we're so addicted to Kyra Sedgwick that we will just roll our eyes and wait for the little "Here's what's next" thing to disappear so we can go on watching.
Rant over.


popped said...

it is rather for a solution. you can disable the updates though i found that i had to turn mine back on because another program squaked that it wasn't on :p

Sparky Duck said...

The automatic update thing annoys me more then the TV thing. I guess i have watched enough sports on tv to just sort of block out the ads now.

Kate Michele said...

We got rid of cable but before we did the worst tv one ever was the one on TBS for the new Bill Engvil show....He came across the bottom holding a remote and stopped the program completly for his "plug".

The worst.

kimmyk said...

So you watch the closer huh? i've watched it a few times, but saving grace is my new poison.

all the other pop up crap i'm so use to it i don't think about it. but it would annoy the piss out of me if i were reading and someone said read this. that would bother me.