Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The question on everyone's mind.

I know what you’re asking. What are Anthony’s favorite TV shows? I knew it.
I used to watch more TV than I do now, which is ironic since I’m paying for it now, and I watched more when it was free. There’s so much crap and nonsense on TV that, frankly I’d rather be blogging. Here are some can’t miss shows:
American Chopper – I was on this bandwagon from day one, but got a little burned-out on it last year. I took some time away and now that it’s on Hi-Def, the bickering is as clear as ever. I have a lot of respect for the Teutel’s and what they have accomplished, and even though I don’t ride a motorbike, the ones they build are amazing. They’ve gone from a little shop in Montgomery, NY to TV stars. They’ve built quite a little empire.
My Name is Earl – Season three is coming, and I can feel the show slipping a little. I’m hoping they can inject some life into the plot line to keep me interested. I’m still with ya, though.
The Office – I was late to the party with this one, but thanks to DVD, I have used the summer to catch up on season one and part of two. I think it’s the best comedy on TV, even though comedy is a short list item these days.
Family Guy – Also a late arriver, but it’s fun, because animated shows can get away with things that live-action shows cannot.
Sunrise Earth – I didn’t know about this one until I got the Hi-Def TV. All it is are static shots of sunrise at different places around the world. Last week, it was a hot air balloon festival in Vermont. I think it might help to be stoned when watching this.
Curb Your Enthusiasm – Until I got HBO, I had to wait for the DVDs to come out at the end of every season. Now, I’m getting it free (for a little while) so I’ll be able to see it first-run in October. Watch – it’ll suck now that I can see it.
CBS Sunday Morning – A nice low-key way to start Sunday - a little cereal, the cat and Charles Osgood. Most of the time, it’s more interesting than 60 Minutes.
That’s about it. I got burned out on the Howie Mandel game show pretty quickly, so that’s a pass. The new one with Drew Carey is pretty good, but I think it’s mostly because I like him and he’s good at hosting the show.
I watch Letterman if I’m up that late, and I used to watch The Daily Show every night. I might need to go back to that.
I’m warming up to Mythbusters and Dirty Jobs. I didn’t care much for them at the beginning, but there’s a hottie on Mythbusters and Mike Rowe is a pretty good host. Girls probably think he’s a hottie, too.
60 Minutes is a staple, but if they took it off, I wouldn’t cry. I watch the first two minutes to see if anything interesting is on, then tune back for the Andy Rooney segment. Ditto for Saturday Night Live. I haven’t seen it in a couple of years, but it used to be a fixture. I couldn’t tell you 3 cast members now.
Mostly, I look at the TV listings every night and say “ugggh” to myself. Game shows, 'reality' TV and 'reality' TV disguised as a game show. As you know, I believe that reality TV is at the basement of every moral, spiritual and ethical belief that I hold dear; but that's OK, since I don't have to watch if I don't want to. Things go in cycles, and we’re in the “Disco” era of TV, where most things stink, and you have to dig to find quality.
I’ll keep digging.


kimmyk said...

Ya had me at American Chopper-Love that show! I love Mikey. He cracks my shit right up.

Now the rest of those shows? Never seen 'em. Jamie loves Earl and the Office, but I can't watch 'em. They act like 'tards. I shouldn't say that word's incorrect. Everytime I write it say it or think it I think of FS5. Weird how that happens.

Ladyred said...

I can't stand Chopper. I like the bikes don't get me wrong, but I can't stand the commentary.

I see you are more of a comedy type of guy. I myself am a crime drama type woman. Oh and throw a little (or a lot) of sex in there. I am partial to some of the shows on FX. The Shield and Nip/Tuck (although I have a love/hate relationship with that show, Julian McMahon's naked ass banging some chic on tv several times a show versus the superficial plastic surgery plot, needless to say, the ass shots win out so I watch). I also unfortunately watch Intervention on A&E. I guess knowing others are suffering with an addictive family member makes me feel a bit better?

I can see the hot chic on Mythbusters for ya. Although I watch it for the geeks and myths. O, and Mike Rowe IS a hottie, cracks me up too.

Anthony said...

Kimmyk: Mikey is an interesting character. He's the co-heir to the Chopper empire, but really can't seem to get his shit together and act like an adult. He's charming, but a bit odd.

The Office is a pure fantasy land. If anyone at a real office acted that way, they'd be out of work. But on TV, it's funny.

Red: Mike Rowe is interesting, too. He's a former opera singer from Baltimore, had a talk show in SF and parlayed it into a niche market on cable. The kind of guy that guys would like to hang out with, I think.

Sparky Duck said...

PTI on ESPN, especially when its Tony and Michael.
Daily Show
Burn Notice
The Closer

yep, cant wait for the new fall season

Anthony said...

I've never heard of Burn Notice, so I looked it up on Wikipedia...

"Sharon Gless plays Madeline Westen, Michael's mother. She is a chain-smoking hypochondriac. Until recently, she has had only infrequent communication with her adult son, who does not relish her company; he believes that his unhappy childhood helped make him into a natural covert operative, but he is not grateful for it."

Sounds interesting!

Firestarter5 said...

Spike TV and their endless episodes of CSI Las Vegas....

..and yes, Kari Byron from Mythbusters is a babe-o-matic.

rattln along said...

Burn Notice is great. I also like psych.

Other than that I don't watch much TV