Sunday, August 26, 2007

Bits and things

It's great that we have advanced far enough as a society that television can advertise erectile dysfunction drugs at 8pm, and warn against "erections lasting more than 4 hours", while during those same hours, an actor cannot use certain words that may be deemed offensive to viewers. Viva Viagra, but don't say "cocksucker".
You really gotta check out this Heineken web site for their new Draught keg. It's an interesting idea, but I'm left wondering what we are supposed to do with the empty keg. My hope was that we could take it back to the retailer and he would have the Heineken boys pick it up when they dropped off new ones, but no. They tell us it's recyclable, but I don't know which pile it is supposed to go in. It sounds to me as though Heineken is leaving it up to consumers, and that's seldom a good idea. By the way, the Heineken Keg commercial came immediately after the drunk driving ad that tells us that police are cracking down. Can they have it both ways?
Speaking of which, every time I see a huge vehicle with one or two passengers, it gets me to wondering why they bought the thing to begin with? A co-worker is currently vehicle shopping, and she is looking for an SUV. Why? She's single, lives alone and the rear seats will never see an ass. Too often, my travels are polluted with giant Yukon's or Expedition's with a lone driver and this weekend, I started noticing how many of them wander the streets with no rear-seat passengers. It's just a waste, and people, under the guise of believing that they are either safer or more secure, buy the things.
Range Rover is running a radio ad for their 4-wheel drive vehicle saying that "the odds of encountering nature's wrath is 9 to 1", so if you're caught in that situation, you want a Range Rover to get you out of it. 9 to 1 odds are precisely the reason why you do not need one. When the weather is bad, you stay home, and a 9% chance of bad weather isn't enough to get me to spend that much for a vehicle.
Eagles coach Andy Reid was born at the wrong time. In a society where scandal and impropriety is front page news, he has decided that he will not talk about his son's second arrest and accusation of being caught in a vehicle with 33 pills of a prescription nature. Thirty years ago, Andy could skate on this, but now, the media smells blood and they want quotes. Andy isn't giving them any, and it's surely pissing them off.
The Eagles are on national TV on Sunday, against the Steelers. John Madden is one of the commentators, and many of my younger friends have grown tired of his banter and generally don't like him anymore. I think most people under the age of 30 only know his name because it's on the video game. As for me, I loved him as a coach and always enjoyed his commentary during games, now and then. It's symptomatic of the general disdain with which youth treats elders, and I can't wait until I'm old enough to have earned the same disrespect. Maybe it's happened already?
I was hoping to be able to track my cat's kidney paste on its journey across America, but that journey seems to have stopped in Arizona. As of Sunday evening, the package has mysteriously stalled in Phoenix. I'm still not sure where the "Express" part comes in.
Meanwhile, over on The National Geographic Channel, they are running a documentary called Inside 9/11. They ran a disclaimer during the program telling viewers that the following scenes depict people jumping from windows or something to that effect, in essence warning us that what we were going to see was real, and they advised "viewer discretion." It's interesting to me that an ad for a boner pill can be run without warning, yet actual footage of a real catastrophe requires one.


kimmyk said...

I guess if the guy was actually showing his junk they'd probably put the disclaimer on there, but thankfully seeing an erect penis is not going to be on PBS so we don't have to worry about disclaimers.

As far as the Inside 9/11 goes-it bothers me when they show those videos-have some respect for those left behind would ya people? It's not always about the ratings...

Anthony said...

I'd rather that kids see something real, like people making actual life or death decisions based on real circumstances than an ad for a pill that helps them maintain a good stiffie.

I think it's another example of how people are shielded from reality and spoon-fed nonsense.

I don't think National Geographic channel is high on anyone's rating book, and I think that to accurately cover the events of that day, you have to show people what was really happening. We may not like it, but it's true - and truth is something that is often sorely lacking.

Sparky Duck said...

it would depend on how much the keg was.

Andy can get away with this for now, but won't be able to keep it up as long as his son is a freaking idiot.

Madden was the best thing about the game yesterday, not the Eagles play.

Anthony said...

I'm not sure how much the keg is - probably whatever 20 cans of Heineken cost - whatever that is. It's an interesting idea, and I'm trying to come up with something interesting to do with the empty kegs. Maybe chop the top off and make a planter?

Andy's son will probably always be at least a little like an idiot - it's hard to get out of your system. Drugs are a vehicle, but the idiot rages on.

I still like Madden.

Ladyred said...

I like that keg idea, the planter! I could use some myself for my new plants I don't have yet! Also end tables. Could you use them for end tables? I haven't seen a keg in oh say almost 20 years lol.

I like Madden (most times). Just like I liked Howard Cosell. I was just a tyke when he was around but I remember the voice.

I wish I got the NGC. I may have to invest in Direct TV. They show naked men LOL.

You have it right though. The world "can't handle the truth". (That's supposed to be read with the Nicholson accent). We are being coddled and spoon-fed only what the media and the politicians want us to hear. Sure, Rob Zombie can show us someone's head being hacked off and blood spewing everywhere, but we can't be shown a real-life honest to God survival (REAL SURVIVAL) situation because it might hurt someone's feelings. I feel for the families. I do. And other families have had some horrible things happen in theirs as well. But they don't have to turn on the TV.

I hate those SUVs. I just saw on the boob tube that was it Senator Edwards? I think, sorry I wasn't fully paying attention. Anyway, he wants all Americans to trade in their SUVs for something more economical and environmental. In the meantime, he's got two in his garage (oh one IS a hybrid!)/