Friday, August 24, 2007

A journey of three thousand miles

I have no idea how it became to be known as Federal Express, since, much like our own Federal Reserve Bank, it is not a branch of the Federal government. Maybe they figured Federal made it sound important, and Express made it sound fast. Maybe.
As you may or may not know, I recently ordered some paste for my cat that is supposed to help with his kidney disease. It was ordered on August 20, and left the warehouse in Henderson, Nevada on the 22nd, arriving in Phoenix, Arizona on the 23rd, completing its 273 mile journey at nearly 12 miles per hour. I could have taken it by bicycle in less time.
Here, on the blog, we will be tracking the exciting journey of the Renal Paste Tubes and following their progress across our great nation. Stay tuned for updates as I'm sure the "Express" part of Federal Express will soon kick in, and the nearly one pound package will arrive here in New Jersey, scorched from its blistering path across our nation.
I'll bet a soccer ball would make it here in less time, but the cat won't eat the soccer ball and I'm not up to painting a face on anything. At least it isn't across the ocean from Phoenix to here.
2,675 miles to go. At its current rate, the package will be here in 9.3 days. Hold on, Kitty.

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Kate Michele said...

Hahaha..... You think thats slow, try using the actual goverments mode of mailing. ;)