Saturday, July 21, 2007

Oh boy.

WASHINGTON - Vice President Dick Cheney is assuming the powers of the presidency for the second time in five years while President Bush undergoes a medical procedure. Bush planned to hand over authority to Cheney on Saturday before the president goes under anesthesia to receive a routine colonoscopy — a test to look for potential cancer.
I'm a little pressed for time this morning, so maybe you're better off making your own jokes. Here are the circumstances:
1 - A president who bears a striking resemblance to a pertinent body part.
2 - An equally (or perhaps moreso) striking resemblance to the Vice President.
3 - A doctor with his finger up Bush's ass.
4 - Cheney in the Oval Office.
5 - Names like Bush and Dick are involved.


Ladyred said...

Oh yea I meant to do a post on REALLY wanting to know that the President was going to get a colostomy, colonoscopy, or whatever it was. That's just TMI. I didn't want to hear about my dad's (which he LOVES to tell me for some damn reason, I guess because he thought it was going to be awful and it wasn't) so what reason do these idiots in the media, in government, think I may want to know about anyone else's medical procedures?

Oh yea, I got this website from a girl who races in my SparkPeople group. Didn't know if you heard about it, might want to, even care. But I was able to map out my beach route and determine the mileage. It's so cool so far!

bananas62 said...

I'm thinking about the wise ass cracks you'd make...if you had the time... hee hee hee hee.... lmao!!!

kimmyk said...

Y'know, I knew he was having that scope done but I forgot that CHENEY would be assuming the presidency while he was recouping or whatever. WTF.

I'm glad it's Sunday and everything is over with. Good Lord.