Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Random thoughts and nonsense that rattles around and settles here.

There's an old saw in the television business. When the going gets tough, bring in a kid. The Brady Bunch did it with Cousin Oliver. Lots of failing series go with the pregnant wife to drum up ratings and attract viewers.
The World's Biggest Fraud, Donald Trump (well, one of the world's biggest frauds) is pumping up the cancelled/renewed The Apprentice by bringing in celebrities to compete next year. One can only hope that it costs him so much money that he once again has to declare bankruptcy. I'd tune in for that. I'd especially tune in if he and Rosie O'Donnell had a little baby Trump.
Have I mentioned how sick I am of these "reality" shows? I did.
Kitty-wise, it's a mixed bag. I've temporarily given up on the Renal diet, since he doesn't eat it, and hasn't in four days. Rather than have him waste away to nothing, I have given him his favorite Fancy Feast Ocean Fish, and he scarfed it down, proving that he hasn't lost either his appetite nor his sense of taste. I'll try to get him to eat the kidney stuff, but I figure that he would die of malnutrition faster than he would die of kidney failure, so the choice was to fail now or fail later. He goes to the vet on Friday.
WHITE PLAINS, N.Y. - Most people check environmentally responsible behavior at the door when they check into a hotel, according to a survey released by Starwood Hotels & Resorts. Three out of four hotel guests believe it is important to have their sheets and towels changed each day - an environmentally unfriendly habit few practice at home.
Towels, sure. But sheets? I don't change my sheets every day, and I don't think you do, either. That would be ridiculous. I also won't charge 90 bucks to stay here for a night, (if you're interested) so maybe it all evens out.
The local supermarket has started selling these reusable bags for 99 cents. They're on a big rack near the check-out line. I picked up two on Monday night, and the kid at the register said, "Do we sell these?"
I was tempted to return with the wise-ass answer, "No, I put them on the conveyor so you'd ask me a dopey question", but I didn't. I told him that they were on a big rack near the check-out line. He seemed confused. I'm wondering how the store will know that I brought them in with me the next time I go shopping. I guess I'll find out. I'm saving the receipt.
Meanwhile, I have a huge collection of those crunchy, disgusting plastic bags in a drawer in my kitchen, waiting for more recyclables to throw in them and throw out. It seems so pointless.
I've checked for canvas bags, and I haven't seen them for less than six bucks at one of those "environmentally friendly" web sites, so, if these work out OK for a buck, I'm all in. There's even a hard plastic bottom so your stuff doesn't droop [and we all know how much we hate that]. Check out the web site.
Since I'm out of blogging ideas, I thought you might like to know my summer concert schedule. Thanks for asking. On Sunday, July 29, I'll be taking in Chris Cornell (the best voice in rock) at the Electric Factory. On August 7, it's the return of The Dave Matthews Band at The Tweeter Center in Camden. No doubt my friend will keep me up until the wee hours chasing them around Philly in pursuit of yet another set of autographs and pictures. I'm planning on being too drunk to notice. On August 18, it's Fiona Apple (who the same friend calls "headache girl" - so I'll be going alone again) opening for Nickel Creek at the Mann Music Center. I've never seen Nickel Creek, so if they suck, I can always leave a happy guy having seen Fiona again - from row three!
All of which means I'll be taking July 30 and August 8 as post-show vacation days at work. Thanks, Fiona for scheduling a Saturday night. You rock, girl.

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Anonymous said...

For whatever it's worth, I'd give Kitty whatever he wants to eat now -- whatever will help him feel a little more comfortable.

It's very hard to figure out where to draw the line, but at some point it's not about prolonging life as much as it is about making things better in a bad situation. Going on (food) strike has to make Kitty's situation a lot worse for him -- I'm glad he's scarfing down the Fancy Feast.

Sparky Duck said...

In hotels, we only get the sheets changed if there is some bow chicka bow bow happening, which is pretty much the same rule at home.

The canvas bag revolution will strike the Duck home shortly, even if it just for the quick store run.

How about C/d dry mixed in?

bananas62 said...

Sorry to hear about Kitty! Give him lots of love and make him comfortable, it will make you feel better too, that you've done everything you can.

I'm late with this one but I love your Phillies... they have heart and a lot of class!

the Concert line up looks pretty awesome too!

rock on dude!

Ladyred said...

I need to get me some of them thare bags......

Firestarter5 said...

I've got my enviromentally friendly grocery bag already. 99 cents up here as well.