Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Postus Interruptus

Today was the first test of the canvas bag purchase of Monday. I'm happy to say that it survived both the Weight Test and the Enemy Contents Test.
WEIGHT TEST: The bag made it through the entire half-mile walk home with (1) a ten-pound bag of cat litter (2) a one-liter bottle of Southern Comfort and (3) a bag of Pringles Select Sun-Dried Tomato Chips, which admittedly do not add much to the weight, but contributes mightily to the ...
ENEMY CONTENTS TEST: The Pringles and the litter and SoCo. Natural enemies sharing the same canvas bag with nary a mark on any of them. I'm happy to say that all the chips made the walk home uncracked, as did the bottle. Screw the cat litter. That just gets crapped on anyway.

And now for something completely different...

Midway through this post, I wandered over to Sparky Duck's blog and found that I was tagged. The idea is to go to Wikipedia, type in my birthday and list 3 events, 2 births and one holiday that coincides with my date of birth. So ...


1995 - The Million Man March in Washington, D.C. This was interesting to me because it (a) fell far short of the million participant goal, yet still retained its historic moniker and (b) I was lucky enough not to stumble upon this on a random visit to D.C. It seems that every time I go there, I wander onto some huge National event that I had no idea was going on. This one had enough advance warning for me.
1969 - The Miracle Mets beat the Baltimore Orioles in game 5 of the World Series. Somehow, I remember sitting in the Acme parking lot in Clementon listening to the games on the radio on my way home from school that year. This is interesting because never again will the Series end so early - or during the daylight hours. Particularly this year, when it is possible that a game will be played on November 1, and end after midnight.
1962 - The first day of The Cuban Missile Crisis. I was turning 5, and I suppose my parents wondered if I would ever see 6.


1958 - Tim Robbins. Partly because we're close to the same age, but mostly because he's hooked-up with Susan Sarandon - and boy, do I like Susan Sarandon. Nice pull, Tim.

1943 - Fred Turner. It's really cool that a guy could get his name in a band and still, nobody knows who he is. Fred is the Turner in Bachman-Turner Overdrive. Randy Bachman is the Bachman, but I never found out who Overdrive was.

It's National Feral Cat Day, so in honor of my sick little boy, I will honor him by posting this today.

My tags:

Katie. Susan and Kimmyk. You go, girls!

So, as a brief musical interlude to break up your humdrum day, here's "Walken" by Wilco.

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Sparky Duck said...

and how did it all smell?

Tim Robbins and you, seperated at birth

Kate Michele said...

I'm lost. I typed in my birth date, March 5th 1982 and got some page that just had random things listed. I'm illerate today I guess cause I am straching my head over here.

kimmyk said...

i will do this when i get home on Sunday/Monday.

Jamie refuses to watch any movies anymore with Tim or Susan because of their "anti war" whatchamacallit. Even though he is not a Bush supporter...he's kind of wierd like that. LOL! Don't tell him I said that though. Same goes for Sean Penn.