Monday, July 16, 2007

Espy, Schmespy

The Espy’s were on last night, and in the words of the great fictional character Benjamin Franklin “Hawkeye” Pierce, “The instrument has not been invented that can measure my indifference to that remark.”
I suppose there is some place for an awards show that is named after the network that is televising it, but if there is, it is lost on me. Besides, almost all of the sports that they honored already have their own awards for outstanding achievement, so perhaps this amounts to little more than piling on in the name of lame summer programming.

In addition, the wimps at Major League baseball allowed ESPN to re-schedule a game that was originally scheduled at 1:35 to be played at 6:05, when most people are either starting or just finishing dinner on Sunday. Usually, their night games are at 8:00, but that would have run them into the scheduled time for their precious awards show, and we know that can’t happen.

If baseball had any real balls, they would have told ESPN, “Screw you. We don’t work for you – you work for us. Put your stupid awards show on when you want, but we aren’t going to re-schedule a game for your pompous self-congratulatory televised pat on the back.”

In case you didn’t figure it out, I didn’t watch the Espy’s last night.


Sparky Duck said...

I watched the opening montage, with all the great moments of last year, or whenever was eligible for an ESPY. After that I was off like a prom dress.

I think to make up for it, the suits at ESPN are televising another MLB game tonight in prime time.

Susan said...

well I'm glad I didn't waste money on that "My blogfriend went to the ESPY's and all I got was this stupid t-shirt" t-shirt I was thinking about for you. ;)

rattln along said...

Off like a prom dress.. Gotta remember that one.

This award show that is for.....?????? Over paid sports jocks and announcers?? Who watches that stuff? I stopped watching award shows back when Bert Park stopped singing.