Sunday, February 1, 2009

Much better than all of those regular Sunday's

Do they still call today "Super Sunday?" That's so '80s, like when Up With People did the Super Bowl half time show - or before there even was a half time show. Super Bowl II (that's a 2) had the Grambling State University marching band at half time. That's ridiculous, having a marching band at a football game. Who ever heard of that? Football games are for Bono, Springsteen and tearing clothing.
Like many of you, I am far less interested in this game than I am usually. Let's face it, if you aren't in an office pool or have money bet on the game, you probably don't care very much. No more interested than in a regular season game between the Cardinals and ... well, anybody. It's a TV show more than a football game at this stage. I'm always curious as to what the other networks are programming, and it usually isn't much.
CBS has repeats of Cold Case, The Unit and The Mentalist, ABC is running 2 (or is it II?) repeats of something called Wipeout Bowl I: Cheerleaders vs. Couch Potatoes. Fox is running repeats of all their Sunday shows, including Are You Smarter than a Fifth Grader, which I'm guessing nobody watches regardless of what's on opposite it. In a bold move, at 7:00 pm (or is it VIIpm?) CBS is running a new program, chronicling Barack Obama's rise to the White House. True alternate programming. What's the over-under for a rating number? 1?
Bruce Springsteen is performing at half time. I respect Bruce, but I've never been that big a fan. Whenever I ask someone, "How was the show?" when he performs around here, the response I get is "He played for 4 hours!" OK, so how was the show? Abba can play for 4 hours, but I'm not going to see them either. Ever since the Janet Jackson fiasco, the organizers have opted for safer entertainment choices. I'll be checking in to see if the instruments are plugged in and they're really singing. I'd bet they are, but you never know.
As for me, I'll have to pay scant attention to the game, since afterward, NBC is airing a new episode of The Office. New. I'm not sure that's any smarter than airing repeats opposite the game. If people are out at a party, are they going to stay tuned for an hour comedy after the game?
I'll be watching, but I'm not going anyplace, and nobody ever gauged the popularity of anything based on what I think.


kimmyk said...

In this house this year we don't really care who plays or wins. Jamie said last night "Kimmy are you gonna sit on the couch with me and watch the Super Bowl commercials?" Cause this year, that's all were interested in.

I'm not a fan of Bruce at all. Never have been. One of the docs I work for 3 days a week he listens to Sirius radio and jams (and when I say jams..I mean you can hear it from one end of his hall to the other) of Bruce, Dylan and Joplin. He's younger than me...but totally into all that. I do pause every now and then when I hear "Secret Garden" I like that one.

Never seen an episode of the office before so I won't feel bad if I miss it. I'm curious though about the show airing on CBS. I just watched something on National Geographic and it was his road to the white house sort of time line. Interesting.

Anthony said...

I think you'd like The Office. Oddball sense of humor and not typical sitcom stuff. Rent a Season 1 DVD if you're curious.

kimmyk said...

USA Today on page 3B has a complete roster of super bowl ads and their quarters etc. Some read hysterical. Others not so much. We'll see...

I'm gonna find myself home for a while in the upcoming future with nothing to do...I'll check out the office then.

susan said...

Super Bowl? Meeh. not interested this year.

I plan on watching the puppy bowl instead. I am a sucker for puppies and kittens. This has caused some upset in the house since the cat does not like kittens. I keep telling her it's OK to look but I do not want another cat.

As for Bruce- i am surprised. i thought all Jersey boys and girls loved Bruce. It's supposed to be in our blood.

I hope you and kitty enjoy the game and have great boy bonding and purring

susan said...

oh best Super Bowl ad, imho-

i still remember seeing 1984 the first time and getting goosebumps.

Firestarter5 said...

Wipeout is actually quite funny.

As for Janet Jackson and her tit. It's made it all the way to the supreme court.