Friday, October 3, 2008

This blog post will exceed your expectations.

CNN conducted a national poll and found that Senator Biden won the vice presidential debate, but that Governor Palin "exceeded expectations." CNN also found that Palin topped Biden on likability, but Biden was viewed to be more qualified for the job.
Exceeded expectations? What does that mean? If the people they surveyed thought she was going to stammer and fall down or crap her pants and she doesn't, she exceeded their expectations. I can only presume that most Americans think she's a boob (pun) and watched the debate to see her implode. Sorry that didn't happen, but it would have made great TV.
Clearly, voters want to know. After the debate, searches spiked on "who won the vice presidential debate" and "who is the vp debate winner." The Buzz contains a slew of analysis pieces on who came out on top, but like everything else in politics, the answer depends on who you ask.
Why would someone who watched the debate do a web search to see who won? Survey says: People are incapable of making up their own minds.
I was at home today and in a brain-dead moment, I turned on The Price is Right. It's fascinating to me to watch contestants staring out at the audience for a clue as to whether the price of the "brand new car" is $17,345 or $17,355. Can the people in the audience honestly tell the price of the car within ten dollars? Make up your own mind. I suppose they look out there because the producers tell them to, plus it gives them someone to blame when they go home empty-handed. How can they be expected to concentrate on the game with all that screaming?
Last night's Phillies game set an all-time attendance record for Citizen's Bank Ballpark. 46,208 people crammed into a ballpark that lists its capacity at 43,647. They had 50 sell-out's this season and the attendance figure was different for every one. What's a sell-out and what does capacity mean? Tell me, then we'll both know.
They passed that government bailout bill today. They changed it from a "bailout" to a "rescue" because rescuing something sounds a lot more positive than bailing them out. A bailout suggests that we're giving them something, and a rescue sounds like we're saving them - which is much better. We're all about semantics here in the U.S.A.
It will be partly sunny tomorrow because that sounds better than partly cloudy.


kimmyk said...

you're a glass half full kind of guy there anthony.

i for one wanted to watch her implode...i was disappointed, don'tcha know.

junior alien said...

It MUST have been a brain-dead moment when you stayed on "The Price is Right". I once worked with Fremantle Germany and I'd say it's the saddest show ever!

It has been on TV for sooo long! Why? Because greed never goes out of fashion. Acting greedy and displaying greedy people must be so much fun!