Wednesday, October 1, 2008

You can't please everybody.

There is a Comcast Internet customer in or near Toms River, NJ who thinks I resemble a generally unseen portion of the human body.
It could be an animal's body, but I think, as it is usually applied, it refers to a portion of human anatomy.
I was puzzled at first, because I usually forget what I write (which makes reading my own blog more enjoyable) and because the reference was to a post I ran on June 25, 2006. So, I can be excused for not remembering it until I clicked on the link and re-read it. I was highly entertained.
Strangely, I get several page hits over the name of Sherry McGoldrick, presumably from trial lawyers who would like to represent her in her odd little incident at a Phillies game two years ago.
The anonymous respondent, who refers to me in the third orifice, believes that my chastising Ms. McGoldrick was slightly out of line, or so I assume. (pun)
However, if one flips their game ticket over, it specifically states that the team bears no responsibility over the random launching of bats or balls into the stands. In fact, a public address announcement precedes every game, telling fans that if they fear the random flight of a bat or ball, they can seek out the nearest usher and request that they leave the ballpark. Of course, the alternative is to pay attention to the game, which is the reason why the anonymous commenter refers to me in that manner.
So, with our Phillies headed into the post-season, here's a little reminder for all of you within batted ball distance ... Pay attention.
In the words of public address announcer Dan Baker, "Thank you, and enjoy the ballgame!"


Kate Michele said...

first now.... and first then :D

i have been around for a very long time

do i get a prize for that?


Anthony said...

You get the ultimate prize.