Thursday, October 2, 2008

October baseball.

We don't get many chances to gloat around here, so forgive me while I gloat.
Our Phillies have a two games to none lead over the heretofore pathetic Milwaukee Brewers in a best-of-five series that appears to be all over but the shouting.
Last night we were doing the shouting as the heretofore hailed Ace of Baseball CC Sabathia (the CC stands for Can't Compete) was supposed to come in and shut down the Phillies because - well - he's CC Sabathia. What we found out, to the chagrin of the Brewers, was that Sabathia is not only human but worn out and rag-armed.
One of the many good things about being in a playoff series against the Brewers is that there are precious little Brewers fans in the ballpark to ruin the fun. In this case however, it would have been nice to run into a few. It took a chance encounter in a local pub after the game to find two of them.
"It isn't over," they told me. To which I replied, "Please - stop. It's over." They're two games down in a five game series and their (supposedly) best pitcher is done.
I wanted some time to gloat.

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kimmyk said...

there's always someone who wants to rain on someone else's parade.