Thursday, October 2, 2008

What I'll be doing while you're doing what you'll be doing.

You have no idea (or little idea) how interesting this blogging thing is. Not only did I receive a page hit (or three) over yesterday's post, I also received a hit from my buddies at Widener University - even though I'm not paying them anymore - over the mere fact that I earned a big-time degree at their fine institution.
The sad part is that I probably won't be around to witness the excitement when the A'hole commenter returns to see the fruit of his labor. Shame.
However, the reason I won't be around is good. The Phillies are in the National League divisional playoffs and yours truly (me) will be at the game on Thursday night. What gives me pause is the fact that I will not be around to watch the vice presidential debate between Joe Biden and Sarah (ahem) Palin.
I happen to be in the Rachel Maddow camp when I say that I believe that Sarah is in a no-lose situation, much the same as a kid in T-Ball. Anything in fair territory is going to be viewed as a success, and anything that Sarah says that isn't a total catastrophe is going to be viewed as an "Atta-Girl" moment and Palin is going to be spun as the 'winner' of the debate, results notwithstanding. As long as she doesn't fall over the podium or lose a bra strap, she'll be the "way to go, Sarah" girl and viewed in the same light as the geeky kid who hits a hard foul ball. Almost will be good enough.
So, I'm going to be beholden to the newspapers and TV (God help me) to give me guidance as to what actually happened.
I will be at game two of the Phillies/Brewers Divisional series, hoping that Brett Myers can somehow overcome his recent shortcomings and bring the Phils one game closer to the championship series. Last year they lost the divisional series in three games, so Wednesday's win was a big plus.
Meanwhile, I'm expecting to read about the T-Ball Sarah Palin being a "winner" on Thursday night. Don't let her flashy performance fool you. She might come out in a low-cut top revealing some VP cleavage, but it doesn't detract from the fact that she is a total fraud and needs to be exposed by a clever debater - [enter Joe Biden] - if he has the guts.


Handsome B. Wonderful said...

My Rockies tanked so I'm rooting for your Phillies. Have a blast.

Kate Michele said...

i have been waiting all week for this, pure entertainment.
how sad has my life become? hahaha


kimmyk said...

i came home from work, got into my jammies, threw a load of laundry in, did all the shit i normally have all night to do. microwave popcorn is sitting on the counter in anticipation of the 'show'.

i am so there....

i hope she stutters and biden jumps in and devours her.

Anthony said...

hbw: Another win for the Phils tonight. Anything is better than what happened last year.

k8: Your life can't be half as sad as mine. Together, I think we have 1 full life. :)

Kimmy: I think the media is ready to blow a load all over Sarah and she'll win "on account of because".