Monday, October 13, 2008

I hate L.A.

I hate the Dodgers. Their fraud fans that come late and leave early. Their stupid name that has nothing to do with Los Angeles - the Brooklyn trolley dodgers. It's about as relevant as the Utah Jazz. And the Hollywood nonsense. How does Pat Sajak get a seat next to the Dodger dugout? Did you see him? Sure you did. He was on the screen a thousand times. He should be in right field with Vanna White, turning the numbers on the scoreboard. And Mary Hart behind home plate ... don't get me started.
The Dodgers clobbered the Phillies tonight 7 to 2 in what was part baseball game and part Hollywood spectacular. Awards shows don't have as many celebrities as these games. Between that and the shameless Fox promos for their lame TV shows it's amazing that they managed to work in a baseball game.
The Fox coverage is so biased toward LA it's disgusting. They got Danny DeVito to give out the Phillies lineup before the game. Why? Because he is in a Fox show called It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Product placement. He isn't from Philadelphia, and said during the spot that he isn't a fan, then went on to mock some of the players. Even the play-out music at the end of the inning is a Hollywood film - "Rocky" - which, by the way, I am sick of hearing. It's what, a hundred years ago? Can't they find a song about Philadelphia that has nothing to do with a film made in Hollywood?

"The Fonz is here. Jon Lovitz. They're mixed in all over the place," says Joe Buck, calling out the names. The Fonz? What year is this, Joe? "Tiger Woods is here." Big fucking deal. I'm surprised they didn't show him hobbling up to his luxury box. We also were privileged to see Ryan Seacrest picking at his Blackberry - with the Blackberry logo at the bottom of the screen. I'm impressed. They probably didn't pay for their tickets either.

So OK, the Dodgers won a game. Let the baby have his bottle. I like to go to the games so I don't have to listen to the dribble on the TV. I wonder what Fox is going to do on Sunday now that they've exhausted most of their options? Let's start by getting Sajak another seat.

Two more to go before we are snapped back to the land of reality - Philadelphia.


Handsome B. Wonderful said...

I'm not a big dodgers fan either. Hey did you hear that Sarah Palin got booed at the Flyers game?

Check it out on video.

Firestarter5 said...

The question is why would you even watch something on FOX? Surely they had this game on a radio station.