Monday, September 1, 2008


A good writer knows his audience. "Give them what they want" is the popular phrase that is used whenever something unusual proves to be popular - like American Idol or Paris Hilton.
Who'd-a thunk (another popular phrase) that an essay about laxatives could garner so much interest? I would have figured you would have seen the Dulcolax box and flipped the screen in a gentle but effective way.
But no. That's why I'm not in marketing or involved in a field where it is necessary to determine what people like. Thanks for all your well-wishes and you can take heart in knowing that like the popularity of Ms. Hilton, this too shall pass.
Meanwhile, today was Labor Day. Unless you're in the service or retail industries, you had the day off. Labor Day is another of those strange legal holidays where almost everything is open and oddly, the people who earn the lowest wages are generally the ones working. Throw some time-and-a-half plus holiday pay at them and they'll give up the "unofficial last day of summer."
God, how many times have I heard that today? The unofficial last day of summer. It's going to be 90 degrees around here for another week.
If you were fortunate enough to work in an industry that didn't have to work today, congratulations. Some people never get a holiday and others get all of them.
I have Tuesday off too.

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kimmyk said...

i took friday off.

3 day weekend.

unlike you with your four day weekend this weekend. good planning on your part.