Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Read the blog, get a shirt.

I wish I had a clue.
I wish I knew how many people stop by here and actually read what I write.
The stat counter tells me that people ("folks" as the president would say) stop by, but I have my doubts about the length of their stay. They're here searching for world's smallest penis or some other odd reference I might have made 2 years ago. I wonder about the relevance of it all.
Meanwhile, I keep getting strange e-mail's from politicians and people who tell me I've won some lottery or another...
Can you donate at least $12 today to help get this program going right away? If you do, we'll send you a free Obama T-shirt:
The great American marketing tool: The Free T-Shirt. First, I have plenty of t-shirts. Second, I'm not all that anxious to wear my political heart on my sleeve (or chest) and third, I'm not sending them twelve dollars. If they want me to wear a shirt with their name on it I think I should be the one getting the twelve bucks. We spew out a small fortune for clothing that has some logo or name stitched on it and we do their free advertising and pay them for the privilege. How about a nice blue shirt?
The last one of those political shirts I bought shrunk up like testicles in cold water, so why would I send twelve bucks for another one?
Besides, that ain't free is it? "Send us twelve dollars and we'll send you something for free." What part of that doesn't make sense? It shouldn't be legal for marketing people to tell us that they're giving us something "free" when we have to send them money, but we fall for it and they get away with it.
I get a lot of offers for "free" stuff that I'm supposed to send for. I just bought second season of Heroes on DVD, and inside was another of those "free" offers for a Heroes magazine. Free, it said, if I sent $2.95 for postage and handling. What's free about that?
Maybe I should start sending out free t-shirts?
Or better yet, charge you twelve bucks.
There's an idea.


kimmyk said...

I think that those that send the freebie emails should attach the coupon and then we can print it off and take it where the shit is and get it for free.

they want to give it away-that'll be the best way if you ask me. (did you ask me?)

i'm here and i read everything you write. i may not always comment because really somedays you just floor me and i can't respond...but i'm here...and i read.

Anthony said...

I know Kimmy, and I appreciate it. I get another 50 or so page hits for junk like "Paula Creamer hairy" and "world's smallest penis" ... junk like that. I figure they're disappointed to find that it's almost like reading a newspaper over here.

I should just put up some penis pictures and be done with it.

kimmyk said...

i totally agree.
nothing wrong with posting a few pics of penis' to draw a crowd.

really i couldn't agree more.

Kate Michele said...

i like the ones that say "only pay shipping" and then shipping is like 25.00... yeah a huh. not that stupid.

and you know i read....more than just here :D