Monday, July 28, 2008

My fingers still work.

What did I do this weekend? Bike. 38 miles on Saturday and 48 on Sunday. I guess it's supposed to make me feel better, but I can't help but wonder if the soreness in my inner thigh is somehow lengthening my life, and what sort of life is it if it is accompanied by inner thigh soreness.

MONROE TOWNSHIP - Township officials are hoping the installation of cameras at busy intersections in town will help reduce traffic violations and increase safety. The plan is part of a statewide pilot program, which was authorized early this year after the legislature made it legal for towns to snap photos of disobedient drivers and then send them tickets in the mail.
I'm hoping this includes people on cell phones. Although, I suppose this is the old "camel with his nose under the tent" analogy. Once he gets his nose under the tent, it isn't long before the whole camel is in the tent with you. How long before they are using GPS systems to ticket speeders? You're sitting at home opening your mail and you receive a notice saying a week ago, you were doing "60 in a 45." How are you going to fight that? Maybe that is the system's prime selling point?
Most people I know who don't have the EZ-Pass say that it's why they don't. It's hard to argue.
Pick a point - say, an entrance to a turnpike or other toll road. Time stamp it and pick another point where the driver exits and pays their toll. Do some rudimentary math and figure that it's impossible to travel 80 miles in less than an hour without breaking the speed limit.
Stamp a violation notice and put it in the mail. You don't even have to pay a cop.


kimmyk said...

my god man. that's a hella lot of cycling. my ass would so be sore. not to mention those muscles under your butt cheeks. whatever those are called.

my dad got a ticket in the mail with a photograph of his truck. you can't argue with that. picture is worth a thousand words. or in my dads case close to a hundred.

Kate Michele said...

That is ALOT of miles... damn man.

Speeding? Who speeds? Huh? What?


Anthony said...

...and another 28 tonight.

It's the Goddamned Tour de France around here.

kimmyk said...

a girl i play softball with she's an avid cycler. she's in spain rome or some place like that doing her thing. shipped her bike over on a plane. that's hardcore if you ask me.

not my gig. my ass would so hurt. and i dont think i'd look so hot cramming all this into those lil' spandex panties. look like pigs fighting under a blanket. that's not pretty.