Thursday, January 3, 2008

Note to TV executives: Cut the crap.

Yeah, right. New year - new premieres - no writers - more crap. The writers' strike continues, just in time for mid-season crap replacement shows.
Jesus, haven't we had enough of comb-over and his nonsense? American Gladiators is a 10-year old concept brought back from the dead. Another dopey game show with 100 people they only have to pay scale for and I don't know what Million Dollar Battle of the Sexes is, but it strikes me as another ancient concept that will keep my TV off and help lower my electric bill. Thanks, Writers Guild of America!
Here are some ideas: Put Leno, Conan and Letterman on in prime time. Show us a high-quality movie with fewer commercial breaks. Run some old Sid Caesar Show of Shows or old Milton Berle stuff. Anything but more of these goofy-ass "reality" shows and tired old game show concepts. I want to see real actors and entertainers.
Do I have to think of everything?


James said...

Yeah I don't get the American Gladiators crap. It wasn't that great the first time.

And The Apprentice Celebrity edition?? The whole fun (I guess) is that these people are usually competing for a job. With the celebrity edition, however, it sounds rather anti-climatic. I guess at least they'll give their money to charity but you're right, it's mostly crap.

I prefer to watch, The History Channel, The Travel Channel and the Discovery Channel. Oh and movies or Seinfeld and Simpsons on DVD.

Kate Michele said...

The preview that made my stomache flip out of disgust was the one with the lie detector.. come on.. now we're just getting down right trashy.. oh and the mother daughter pagent ass show.... this pen right here will be good to insert into my eye.. yes that will help.

Anthony said...

james: What a pleasure it's been to watch Discovery HD, after I got my hi-def TV. Awesome shows. No writers there, either.

kate: Just when you think they've gotten as low as they can go, they drain a little more water out of the pool.

Ladyred said...

I'm going to miss the Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, and a few others *sniff*. I admit though I'm a Survivor junkie. And Amazing Race. If I get on either show I'll let ya know. Not that you'd watch it then either but I try to think positive haha!

James said...

My day just got HD and we watch it a lot together. It's a great father/son bonding thing since we hadn't had the greatest relationship when I was growing up.

Have you checked out that Equator HD channel? They have awesome programming such a travel stuff and shows highlighting World Heritage sites. It's really cool.