Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Nice package

This 18" x 10" box was waiting on my doorstep when I got home tonight.
"What could it be?" I wondered quietly to myself. I knew I had placed a small order from Amazon, but what could be in such a large box?
A small box, as it turns out. This relatively tiny box of creatine tablets (bigger, faster, stronger) was inside, with a year's supply of packing material. I win.
Earlier, at the Wawa, a nice clerk asked me if I wanted a separate bag for my sandwich, to separate it from the fat-free chips and salted almonds that completed my order. Um ... no.
And just an hour ago at Zallie's Shop Rite (again) the cashier asked me if I wanted "all this in one bag." The all this included a bag of bird seed, box of cereal and bottle of Red Yeast Rice tablets. Yeah, I think one bag can handle all that.
My reply: "I prefer it."
Too many boxes
and too many plastic bags.
My hands work just fine.

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Cliff Yankovich said...

Too easy to solve. Carry a reusable bag(s) with you when you shop. My weekly grocery trip used to go in as many as 12-15 plastic bags now fits into 4-6 of the resusable bags.