Saturday, February 19, 2011

Oh, what is it now?

OK, so I know you're tired of reading about my exploits at the supermarket, but I'm not tired of writing about them - and it's my blog - so deal with it.
I was in there again tonight - as I am most nights, because it's a couple of blocks away - and I had a (canvas) bag full of stuff, as is my style. Among the stuff was some fresh chicken, rice and yogurt. Staples.
Also present was a can of something called sizing spray. Most of you are familiar with spray starch, but there is also something called sizing spray that isn't quite as drastic as starch, yet still provides a straightening method without the stiffness of starch. I know, I'm a renegade.
While the items were being moved along their conveyor, a woman began putting them in my provided canvas bag. Once she got to the sizing spray, she immediately reached for a (dreaded) plastic bag and placed the can of spray in a plastic bag to insert among the other items in the canvas bag.
I didn't want a similar argument that occurred a few weeks ago over the inclusion of a plastic bag to protect something from its assumed doom. After all, what could happen? Could a stray missile come down from the sky and randomly explode my can of spray? Would I drop the bag on my way out the door and have the can explode, contaminating my fresh chicken and rice? Whatever the reason, the bagger would probably say it was "company policy" to put that thin sheet of plastic between the spray and my precious chicken (also protected by a thin sheet of plastic) and just make me miserable for complaining. So I didn't. Complain, that is.
I just allowed her to put the can in a plastic bag and disposed of the bag once I got outside, thereby making her happy for doing her job and me happy for not making a fuss that might have landed me in the County lock-up, and rendered my chicken useless due to lack of proper refrigeration.
I can only hope that somebody at Zallie's Shop Rite reads this and discovers the error of their ways.
I can hope.

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junioralien said...

Anthony, you're way too smart for your environment!