Sunday, November 21, 2010

Three photos and some junk.

Nothing spectacular. Just another autumn Saturday in Philadelphia. That's a look down the big spiral staircase at the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia, looking down toward the pendulum. Next is nearby Logan Circle, with City Hall in the background, to the right. The last one is inside the lobby at the Franklin Institute, looking at the statue of Ben and the shiny floor.
The Four Loko experiment was kind of a fizzle. It doesn't taste very good, and it left me feeling more buzzed than drunk. I was supposed to experience a big letdown, as the sugar and caffeine wore off, but it just faded out. They can go ahead and take the stuff off the shelves, if it will make them happy. There isn't anything that would make me want to go out and buy a case of the stuff so I'd have a stash. Just as well. There is a big Eagles game on tonight, and I didn't want to sleep through it.
I'm not sure I'm human.
At the Institute, there was an electricity display where we were to put our hands on metal sensors, and the static electricity from our bodies was supposed to make a variety of things happen. Me - nothing.
So, a bunch of kids were hospitalized for drinking Four Loko, and now the FDA wants to take it off the shelves because it's supposed to be dangerous. I think you could be hospitalized for eating too many Big Mac's too, so what's the difference between that and drinking too much alcohol? Maybe the lesson here is that people think that more of something is better? As they say, it ain't necessarily so. It sounds like another story blown out of proportion by a few incidents. Another classic over-reaction.
If we didn't over-react, we probably wouldn't accomplish much.

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Handsome B. Wonderful said...

Great snaps. I love the top one most. Very artistic and almost surreal.