Friday, November 26, 2010

When the going gets tough ...

A complete lack of enthusiasm for contributing anything meaningful to my life has led me here.
Do you think cross-dressers and transvestites wear a tampon once a month? They seem to want all the fun things about being a woman (like looking pretty and teasing stupid men) but none of the bad things. That realization has caused me to lose respect for them.
We had a parade in the city yesterday. I'm surprised that we still have parades, and I'm especially intrigued about their purpose and why people seem to enjoy them so much. It's a series of non-sequitors interspersed with music. A float with two celebrities followed by a marching band followed by a float with flowers and cartoon characters followed by kids dancing ... And people stand in the cold to watch.
I think we have them because we have always had them. If the idea of a parade was broached today as a new concept, it would be rejected because they produce no profits. It's all about advertising and filling TV time on a holiday when people aren't watching television. If they could figure out a way to close off the streets and charge people to watch, it would happen.

When they tell us that the air quality is "unacceptable," what are we supposed to do? Is there someone in charge of making the air acceptable so that we can breathe? I don't think they're notifying anyone.

There are a couple of stories in the news about sports commentators getting choked up on the air. Once concerned a report on the late Chris Henry and the other involved Matt Millen on Thursday's NFL game broadcast. The point is that two people almost coming to tears on television are news stories. Why? People laugh on television every day, and there isn't enough space in the newspaper to report them all. Why are two people almost crying news stories?
That's sad.

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