Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Things that come to mind.

How nice it was to get a blog visit from the local Fox affiliate (Fox Television Stations Of Phila) over my posts of the last few days about our alleged snowstorm. It's nice to know I don't have to waste my time posting a comment to their web site. I'm particularly fond of the photo of the forecast and the "big chubby under that sport jacket" reference and the photo of the two inches of snow directly above the forecast of 10" to 14". I couldn't have said it better myself. I do my best thinking here.
There's another one of those Mega Millions jackpot drawings going off tonight. $212 million. People rush to get their tickets, dreaming of the millions (even mega millions) but if they thought about it they'd ask themselves how it got to 212 million. It's because nobody has won. It didn't start out that way, you know. Last week, when the jackpot was 146 million (still mega, by millions standards) I bought 5 tickets because I'm dopey that way. When the numbers were announced I discovered that I had matched exactly one number. A 17 I think. That's when it dawned on me that I had wasted my time and money. I know, you can't win if you don't play. But you also can't lose. It's a conundrum.
Nevertheless, I always get into those office pools when somebody runs around collecting money. I don't want any of those bastards retiring and leaving me behind.
I think there should be a limit on the jackpot. 212 million dollars is a lot for one person to win - and it will almost certainly be one person. When you consider the millions of people (mega millions, actually) that are buying tickets, it's amazing that there aren't more winners. That's the allure and frustration of playing the lottery.
I have a relative who swears that he can pick numbers based on trends, as though ping pong balls have a conscience. I do, however, which is why I choose to invest my money in Phillies tickets, the stock market and my drinking problem. Those are sure-fire winners.
I just realized, I haven't posted a photo of my cat in a while. So, here are a few. It's my blog, I can do what I want. While I was editing these, I noticed that I had the D40 set on "child." I'm not sure that was a total coincidence.
I'm not sure what he was looking at. I'm never sure. He's a beautiful boy. Of that I am sure.


dmb fan said...

I'll help a brotha out when I win tonight.. LOL LOL LOL

susan said...

He is a beautiful boy cat. If you win the lottery you must buy him all the fish, chicken and milk he wants, as well as mice, stringy toys and what not. Even get him his very own Japanese restaurant so he can have sushi when ever his little paws want it.

How did you get his coat so shiny? Brushing and fish oil?

kimmyk said...

my dad won the lottery years ago.
not millions, but enough to make their lives comfortable at the time. sadly, those people that come out of the woodwork showed up knocking on the door wanting their share. crazy how that happens. i never asked for a penny...and i never would.

your kitty is beautiful. looks like he's beggin to be brushed with that long black hair.

Anthony said...

That's his natural look. No botox or fancy products. :)

howard said...

I have to confess I never understood the compulsion to buy lottery tickets only when the prize money gets insanely stratospheric.

I used to have a job where I was a vendor at local supermarkets and convenience stores. On Wednesdays when the Powerball was over, say, 100 million, my job got that much harder because I had to wait for masses of folks who had suddenly deemed the prize money worthy of their buying a ticket.

I even heard people say things like, "I wait 'til the prize money is worth it, so it has to be at least 50 million before I buy a ticket."

I have no such lofty ideals. I'd just as soon buy a ticket for some paltry amount like 10 or 15 million. The lines are shorter and I could probably still get by on it if I won ;)

kimmyk said...

i just read that jersey won the lottery.

pretty cool don'tcha think?

susan said...


I guess we will know if it's Anthony who won when things like caviar shows up at his house for Kitty.