Wednesday, March 4, 2009


The World Baseball Classic is going on somewhere in the world. I'm not sure where. The title doesn't specify. There are teams (allegedly) from all over the world competing in some sort of championship series to determine which country has the best baseball players.
First, I'm skeptical of anything that names itself "classic" from the get-go. That's like calling something "collectible" when it's running off the production line. Calm down Mo, we'll determine whether or not it's collectible. Mostly, it's something for Major League baseball to promote while spring training is going on. And television. We can't forget about television.
Next, the collection of players is odd as well. Team Italy approached Shane Victorino to play for them. Victorino is from (and born in) Hawaii. His name is vaguely Italian, so obviously the Italian team approached him to play. Orioles outfielder Nick Markakis is playing for Greece. Nick was born in Georgia and it remains to be proved that he has ever been to Greece, but his name sounds Greek, so join the club.
If you don't have enough good players to populate a national team, then stay home and play soccer ... er, football.

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