Monday, November 3, 2008

The little things.

I saw this sign on Broad Street on the way to the ballpark on Friday. I wondered how much the boots cost after they were gone. I would think that the price goes up drastically. I think about crap like that.
Baseball diamonds aren't diamonds - they're 90-foot squares. I don't know why they're called diaminds. I guess because it sits on one corner, unless you're sitting along the baselines, in which case you could clearly see it is a square. Diamonds don't have 90-degree angles. "Baseball square" sounds strange.
At the Alice Cooper concert on Saturday night, I wore one of my red Phillies t-shirts because, well ... anyway, I started to notice that I was one of about 3 people wearing something brightly colored. The rest of them were in some sort of grey, black or muted color that made me think that there were a lot of wanna-be goths in the crowd. I'm a trailblazer.
I walked around the condo in alternating states of panic and serenity all day Sunday when I looked at a clock and then realized that it was an hour fast. The only ones I could count on were the cable box and the computer. I'm lazy with the clock-change bit. I was confused most of the day. Mostly, what it means is that it will be dark when I get home from work.
Lots of great ad campaigns have come and gone, yet we're still seeing those Geico cavemen. Don't they realize how out of place they are in society? And why are they so angry?
Frogmouth Chris Berman is going to interview Barack Obama and John McCain at half time of Monday night's football game. When I saw that ad, I thought it was a joke because, well ... I just hope he doesn't work in those idiotic nicknames he shouts during the broadcast. Barack "and roll" Obama and John "I'm so old I need a" McCain.
Finally - tomorrow is Election Day. I'm a tiny bit afraid - OK, I'm very afraid. I fear the same sort of nonsense we endured the last 2 elections, with voter fraud, bad machines, long lines and the antiquated Electoral College - don't get me started on that. So, arrive early and if you vote your conscience, there shouldn't be any problems.
Here is a fisheye photo for Kimmy from Friday's Phillies festivities, because I know Kimmy loves the fisheye


kimmyk said...

I do love the fisheye.
Its way better than the wonkeye.

i didn't change my clock in my car and freaked the hell out when i got in this morning at o'dark thirty and drove like a bat out of hell then it hit me...i'm quick like that. (as if the time it took me to leave my house, get in my car and drive the few minutes that an hour would have elapsed. yeah nothin' gets past me...quick like a bunny!)

so yeah, dark when i go to work, dark when i come out. alaska and ohio---we're like this! *crosses fingers* shit. you can call me palin. or MILF. whichever. *snort* I'm kiddin. I'd rather wear muted colors to a gay pride rally then to be called either. kill me now. (not that there's anything wrong with gay pride rally's. love gay people. so happy togetherrrrr)

i wonder if obama will talk tonight since his grandma passed away today. bummer. i was really hoping she'd see him sworn in before she bought the farm. RIP Madelyn Lee.

And yes, for the are a trailblazer. a red trailblazin' american eagle fannypack totin' trailblazer.

rock on with your badass self.

(pet the kitty for me)

Kate Michele said...

and much better than the stink eye :P

You know who i want to win.... but for the sake of everyone's sanity i just hope whomever wins they win by a landslide big enough that there's no question, ya know? yeah.


Anthony said...

The kitty gets more attention than he wants.

I'm hoping for that landslide, too.

Sparky Duck said...

we are there at 7am

Ladyred said...

I miss your sense of humor. It rocks. So does the photo. Glad to hear Kitty is still around!