Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Here we go.

That's the projected map from Yahoo, a noted political web site. Never mind that the percentages don't add up to 100. That's math, and we aren't doing math. Isn't it surprising that the south would vote for an old white man?
If you follow this map, the key states are Missouri, Indiana, North Carolina and Florida. Sound familiar? It also sounds familiar that there remains the possibility that Obama could win the popular vote and lose the election. I think, if that happens they should stop calling it the popular vote. But that's for tomorrow.
As for today, I'll be at my local polling place bright and early (or at least early) casting my electronic ballot and hoping that they count them right. We're blue here in New Jersey, and Philadelphia is about as blue as they get, so I feel that my work here is done.
There will be stories about voter confusion, voters not being able to cast ballots because there aren't enough machines and machines that either don't work or aren't counted. Count on that. Meanwhile, I'll be asking why, in a country like ours that we can't all be using the same voting machine. It seems silly to me to ask America to cast ballots and have them counted by different methods. It's an act of Congress waiting to happen.
My fervent hope is that it's over early (a) so I can get to bed knowing what happened (b) and that the margin is so large that it's not contestable (c) Sarah Palin fades back into the Alaska night into Dan Quayle obscurity. She represents everything that is wrong with American politics and society - form over substance There ya go.
But then, the last two elections my fervent hopes have been dashed, so I'm not counting any chickens.


Kate Michele said...

your hope is my hope


Handsome B. Wonderful said...

Yeah too wish we had a uniform way of voting and a national holiday for election day so that people who have to work can vote without problem.

Anonymous said...

"Form over substance" sums up Obama completely.

You ask any black person what Obama stands for and they have no clue. This radio show was asking a group of African Americans if they agreed with views on political issues that they thought were Obama's views. They all nodded enthusiastically, saying, "Yes, yes, we believe that too!! that's why we are voting Obama."

at the end of the questions, the person doing this little survey revealed to these people that every one of those views they enthusiastically agreed with were NOT Obama's but McCain's views.

I rest my case.

I pray to God Obama knows what the hell he is doing to continue to keep this country safe the way George W did for the past 8 years.

Anthony said...

Keeping the country safe seems to be the priority. Unless I'm mistaken (and I'm not) the World Trade Center attacks came under Bush's watch. If that's safe, I'll try somebody else.
Only after we were hit did he react - by creating another level of government - and tell us to go shopping.

If you don't think Sarah Palin is form over substance you haven't been paying attention.

Anthony said...

Oh, and telling me that voters are uninformed is not really breaking news.
Ask white McCain supporters some questions.

Ladyred said...

You know, I won't get into all this controversy but I will say this. I do want it to be over. And no matter which candidate wins, there will still be lies, misinformation, lack of follow through and tons of problems.

Hey I updated and it doesn't say I did on anyone's bar, LOL