Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Who, what, why and when.

As faithful readers with good memories know, I'm headed off to game 4 of the World Series today. Since there is a The Who concert at the Wachovia Center at 7:30pm and an Eagles game at Lincoln Financial Field at at 1:00pm, the sports complex will be a quagmire [a difficult, precarious or entrapping position]. Giggity giggity goo.
Because of that (or in spite of it) I am going out of my way to take two trains to the ballpark. In the meantime, I'll be stopping at a local pubbery to watch the Eagles game before hitting the second train to the ballpark for the real event of the day. It sounds like an inconvenience, but it may actually wind up being a good day. Go figure.
The official word is that the city wants Eagles fans to vacate the premises immediately after the game, but they like to tailgate and hang around to wait for the traffic to thin out.
Question: If everyone waits for traffic to thin out, does it ever thin out?
I'm thinking that the police will have to go down there banging trash can lids to get them to disperse. Between that and the thousands of AARP members attending the The Who show, I'll buddy-up to some sweaty fans on the train and leave the car in Jersey where it belongs. Driving over there will be like leaning into a punch.
For the record, The Who these days is Daltrey and Townshend. Ringo's kid plays the drums now and they have a bass player that you probably couldn't pick out of a police lineup. But hey, God bless them (did I just say that?) for milking aging rock fans out of another Franklin to see them do "Won't Get Fooled Again" for the twelve-thousandth time. Is that the definition of irony?
I'll no doubt be around on Monday to update you on the proceedings because, really - what else do I have going on?
Answer: Not that much.

For the uninitiated, this is the "sports complex." In the center is Citizens Bank Ballpark (Phillies), at the bottom is Lincoln Financial Field (Eagles) and to the left of that is the Wachovia Center (The Who). It looks like a lot of parking, but ...

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kimmyk said...

enjoy your game.
but more importantly enjoy your trip. there's definitely a lot of blogging material there.

oh and enjoy your beer.

most important.