Monday, October 27, 2008

Three down, one to go.

It's 2:25am and I'm just now waddling in from the Phillies game.
It was a long day, of sorts.
It started at The Field House, a sports bar in Philadelphia, where I watched the Eagles game with a random acquaintance who happened to be a pilot for FedEx. So, of course, I had to ask the necessary questions about "Cast Away" and all that.
As it turns out, the general opinion of the FedEx pilots of the film isn't all that positive, especially the scene where the navigator comes washing on shore. That wasn't taken very well at the Memphis hub. Generally speaking, no FedEx plane could go down in any area without the FedEx people knowing where it is, so that much we know is bullshit - but the film is a hundred years old by now, so I guess I'm nitpicking.
The Phillies slaughtered the Tampa Bay Rays 10-2, and even after an afternoon of Eagles football and drinking, I could appreciate the effort.
It was an evening of high-fiving friends and strangers, hugging people I didn't know and generally reveling in the accomplishments of a baseball team whose efforts are somehow tied into our lives as regular people.
I made the walk from the stadium complex to Broad and Locust Streets to the PATCO train accompanied by the blaring car horns and mid-street high-five of people in cars who were blaring their horns over something that hasn't happened yet - a World Series championship. I can only imagine the celebration that will take place when the baseball team actually wins something. The city was going nuts now and they're only up 3 games to 1.
So, here it is, 2:30am and the only reason I'm writing this is because I can't sleep. Needless to say, I've phoned-in a vacation day for Monday, so I may have a fresh perspective a few hours from now.
Nevertheless, at 8:30 tonight, the Phillies will attempt something that hasn't been done in 28 years - they will try to make millions of people happy.
One thing I won't tolerate is the national media talking about what horrible fans we are. We were there tonight and I can't imagine any city in the United States being more excited about a sports championship. If they say we aren't great fans they don't know what they're talking about.

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hope you got some good sleep.