Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The easy road.

We're always out for the quick buck. However we can do it. Whether it's selling Phillies paraphernalia or trying to sell some junk on TV that people watching TV are convinced they want. What we're about is the buck.
The easiest way, and the way most people won't talk about is the sex way. It takes several forms. One is the Sarah Palin form. The form that says that the electorate (you and I) will fall for the pretty face, and the prettiest face we can trot out there will balance with the old guy, thereby guaranteeing our vote. We are witnessing the destruction of that idea I hope.
The tried and true idea is that sex sells. It sells in the generic sense at least. In politics we want a little more than sex, but in real life we'll settle for sex. Sex is an easy road because men will almost always fall for form over substance, and the sex angle falls right in.
It's easy to sell sex to guys, especially on the Internet, and the forum has made it especially easy to sell videos and other such content to horny guys (all of us) for as little as $20 a month, or so I hear.
It strikes me as lazy. The proverbial drowning man's life preserver. The low-hanging fruit (so to speak) and it's so easy that almost anyone can do it - and if they don't think you're interested they'll sell you pills to make you interested.
The lazy part comes when you strip away morality. The people selling you sex do it as easily as the corner store sells you a newspaper - and with about the same enthusiasm. I realized this one day while laying on a massage table. For an extra few bucks I could get the full treatment. The money was all she was interested in. The act had no meaning to her. It was like adding Carnauba wax to your auto wash. Just push another button.
I suppose I think too much and thinking takes the emotion out of things, but it's pretty easy to see how much the world has changed over the past 30 years and how much more explicit sex is in our lives - whether real or imagined. The Internet has opened up a whole new world to us. That's nothing new, and it's a little sad that we take it for granted.
Any fetish, act or sexual deviation has a web site. If you don't believe me, type two random words into a web search and see how many page hits you get. Piss drinkers. Animal fuckers. Toe suckers ... you get the point. It's out there and it's too easy to find and way too easy to pay for.
Just yesterday I heard an ad on the radio (regular radio, not the satellite) for a web site that blatantly advertises that their intent is to provide a sexual affair for people who are bored with their current partner. Their home page proclaims, "Life is short, have an affair." Advertised right there on morning drive-time radio. Parents are taking their kids to school. Right before the Cialis ad. They even issue a guarantee. They claim to have 36,654 local members online right now. I suppose that if you couldn't find a sex partner with such great odds you'd probably need your $249 back so you could afford the bullets to blow your brains out.
Just cough up some money and push another button.


junior alien said...

Yes, them guys are animals...

But seriously, do men REALLY fall for those bloated breast like the ones in the picture you chose?
I'd rather have my breast sag down to my knees than to have a surgeon cut me open an shove some plastic cushion inside, whose effects on my attractiveness are doubtful but are doubtlessly attractive on his bank account.

Anthony said...

They fall like a bag of hammers.

junior alien said...

What you're writing is undoubtedly sad. But it's a fact that living with the same partner year after year, going through the same routines over and over again (not only sexually but sexually too), can really bore you to death. So it seems very tempting to buy an affair. But of course you're right (as usual), it's like pushing a button for a little extra. It's another way of consumption. I'd compare it to getting drunk. When we're bored we're usually looking for the easy way out, which is intoxication.

I don't think the world has changed so much in terms of people's minds. What has changed is the demand by society to act as if you were morally upright. That seems to be gone. But people have always searched for lust because life as such is a drag. Blame Adam for it - Eve only wanted to munch an apple...

Talking about your massage experience, it looks different when you look at it from the woman's angle. Selling sex has always been a way of income for women who were otherwise unskilled. Formerly, being female meant to be denied a good education. Still today and for always, you don't need too much brain for sex work, so even for the dummies it's comparatively easy money.

kimmyk said...

first off...congrats on the Phillies winning. I'm sure you're over the moon!

Secondly, it's sad that people look to the internet to find something they have already-they just refuse to see it. (testimonial) but i'm really saddened by junior allen's comment or i should say first paragraph.

might i suggest an open line of communication junior? yeah. you're bored? really? how the hell do you think your wife/sig other feels if you're bored of the same ole same ole???? newsflash!!!!!! she's bored too. maybe think of something to put the spice back in your relationship. be creative!

bothers me when i hear men talk that way-like women are suppose to be on their toes 24.7 to accommodate....

i'm going to work. i just wanted to say Wo0t! to your Phils! Enjoy your day Anthony. I'm sure the city will be abuzz today!

junior alien said...

kimmik, I am a female and despite my alias, I am not that junior any more.
My first paragraph explores people's minds in general. Concerning me, I was speaking of a former relationship. Still, I think that daily routine combined with stressful jobs on both sides can lead to alienation in partnerships.

Kate Michele said...

this is the second time in two months that ive heard of this ridiculous website.

heres the thing
like so much else in this world 'growing use to' takes so much of what its ment to be out of it.
Sex should always be a mystery, an experience more over than shoved in your face.
in my opinion women have MADE men lazy the same men they sit and complain about to girlfriends.
feminist the world over and those before them (rollin in their graves no doubt) will hate me for this statement im sure. But you get what you make. why because its all around them, in their faces, calling them, offerring themselves, for the sake of the thought of "no i can get the door myself" mentality.

Please.... get the door for me.


Anthony said...

I love "getting the door" for women, or making some gesture to a stranger that is both polite and appropriate.
The alternative, I think, is letting the door slam in her face, which seems oddly inappropriate.
Can she get the door? Sure. But I can also get a smile.

kimmyk said...

i love it when guys open the door for me. yeah sure i can do it for myself, but chivalry is cool in my book.

hanna said...

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