Thursday, October 30, 2008

How Anthony eats a Reese's

A beautiful new Reese's cup, ripe off the vine. They grow on vines.

He eats around the outside, taking the chocolate and leaving the delicious peanut butter center.

Then ... poof! It's gone. All the delicious peanut buttery goodness in one big bite.
Now, say a a little silent prayer for me as tomorrow I venture to Broad Street for the big Phillies World Series parade. I will also be at Citizen's Bank Ballpark with a primo seat 5 rows behind the visitor's dugout. Photos and text to follow.


kimmyk said...

i eat a reese's just like you.
small world.

good luck tomorrow. take pics. and dont get mugged.

howard said...

me too! that's uncanny.

oh, and I'd say I'll see you at the parade, but I wasn't lucky enough to snag the premium rally tickets. Enjoy the view!

Kate Michele said...

awwwww look how cute it is sitting there?

im late seeing this, computer had some major virus issues, shes fixed now, you know after i had a breakdown thinking everything i ever wrote was lost.

dont eat all those in one shot babe :D