Wednesday, October 22, 2008

(Semi) Live Blogging - World Series game 1

I don't have a laptop computer or one of those Blueberries, so it will require a little walking back and forth, but I'm going to try the live blogging thing tonight. Stop back and see how long I can keep this up (that's what she said).
7:02pm - Inspired by yesterday's post, I'm wearing my green Eagles t-shirt and underpants from 1970 when the Beatles broke up. Let's go Phils!
7:15pm - Just thinking. Manager Charlie Manuel was an unpopular choice with the fans when he was given the job. Now, he's on the doorstep of being the most beloved coach/manager in the city's history. He'll be the guy who "broke the streak" and won a championship. Either way, I think, he's in a no-lose situation. Mostly, we're happy to be here and figure this team is built for the long run.
7:55pm - They're showing the game on a big TV outdoors at Penns Landing. Presumably, for people who don't have a television of their own. It's a windy 49 degrees. Local TV is all over it.
8:04pm - Thank God for The New Adventures of Old Christine. Now, I can tactfully avoid the pre-game show for some TV entertainment before the first pitch.
8:16pm - OK, Christine sucks. I'm watching the starting lineups. I wonder if Tim McCarver listened to the PA announcer pronounce Carlos Ru-eez. For some reason, McCarver insists on calling him Ru-ez.
8:20pm - The Backstreet Boys singing the Anthem? Are you kidding? What a joke. Back to Christine.
8:29pm - Almost game time. I made it through the endless local media nonsense. My guess is that whomever can get to the starting pitcher early will win. Generally, they settle in after an inning or two. Will it be Hamels or Kazmir that is gotten to?
8:33pm - God, this build-up is endless. More junk followed by commercials. Is there a game tonight?
8:47pm - Looks like Kazmir was the first victim. Utley was all over a 2-strike meatball. I've noticed a lack of the Fox Trax ball/strike indicator. They used it once on a ball that bounced up there. Are they under orders from Major League Baseball to minimize controversy?
9:09pm - Nice outfield play from Upton saves a run. Those ground rules about the "rings" above the field remind me of playing wiffle ball in the backyard. "If it hits the chimney, it's a homer." "If it hits the railing, ground rule double." This is supposed to be major league baseball?
9:16pm - I can't help but chuckle (to myself) when I hear an announcer talk about "the history of the Tampa Bay Rays." All 10 years. Meanwhile, McCarver insists on calling it an "artificial surface." It's a real surface. It's artificial turf. Do I nitpick?
9:39pm - Huge double play started by Feliz with the bases loaded and 1 out saves the Phils for now. Is it me, or does it look like the Fox commentators are rooting for the Rays?
9:50pm - McCarver insists on calling Carlos Ruiz "ru-ez". Some kind of Memphis thing, I guess. His big 1-out RBI ground out gives the Phils a 3-0 lead. Bottom of the 4th and it's almost 10pm. Geez. I have to go to work tomorrow.
9:57pm - They're only using the Fox Trax on balls that are way out of the zone or balls that are hit. What's the point? Fox bows to big league pressure. Crawford's HR gives the Rays a ray of hope.
10:11pm - Burrell was called safe on a 1-3 play even though he was clearly inside the running lane. Why bother to paint that extra line inside the first base line if the umpires aren't going to call it? He should have been called out for running inside the lane, but I suppose the post-season pressure caused the umpires to wave the rule?
10:28pm - Big foul-out by Upton saves the Phils' 3-2 lead for now. Meanwhile, McCarver has suddenly started saying Ru-eez. Why now?
10:37pm - An interview with the president of Taco Bell followed the "free taco" promotion after a stolen base. Pro sports is clogged with product tie-ins. He's taking up a seat that could otherwise be filled by an actual baseball fan.
11:05pm - Egad. It's past my bedtime and this game isn't close to being over. Phils just stranded their 9th runner and maybe switched the mojo over to the Rays.
11:07pm - I guess we're tied into this "God Bless America" deal in the 7th inning now until forever? Another theatrical event that's made for TV. Asking questions makes me a bad American, right?
11:14pm - Joe Buck is asking if the 100 pitches Cole Hamels has thrown are enough. I'm so sick of this pitch count thing. Who says 100 pitches is the magic number? Just because it's an even number makes it significant. The guy has had a week off. Let him pitch.
11:52pm - Bottom of the ninth, Phils lead 3-2. Now the Rays will have to beat Brad Lidge, the best closer in the National League in order to win game one. HINT: Ain't gonna happen.
12:01am - Pedro Feliz squeezed the final foul-out and Lidge saved game one for Cole Hamels. The Phillies are up 1 game to none and have temporarily silenced the cowbells in Tampa.
Game two on Thursday.


Firestarter5 said...

"Is FOX rooting for the Rays?"

I believe they are. Isn't Philly one of the Anti-American parts of the USA?

Anthony said...

Philly hasn't had a democrat mayor since 1952. Anything else?

Anthony said...

A republican mayor. They haven't had a republican mayor since 1952.

Kate Michele said...

hold up
arent you missing some events in there?