Sunday, October 19, 2008

Raiders of the Lost Keys

Saturday night I went to see Umphrey's McGee in Philly. They're probably the best "never heard of them" band around and if you get the chance, you should hear of them. I'll spare you the details, but I lost my keys twice during the evening - once in a restaurant and again at the show later. There were bouts of mild panic followed by resolution when they once showed up at the hostess station and later with a security guard. The problem with being a single person is that when something like that happens, there is no alternative course of action. If my keys had indeed vanished, I ran several scenarios over in my head, all of which involved a locksmith to (a) get me into my car and (b) get me into my house. Getting home would have involved an expensive cab ride and sleeping outside until the locksmith was available would have been uncomfortable. I think that's why single people have shorter life spans.
I'm personally boycotting the Sarah Palin appearances on Saturday Night Live. I haven't seen the show in years, and even though the clips are available on every corner of the Internet, I really couldn't care less. I think it's inappropriate for a candidate for president to appear on a sketch comedy show. It's supposed to make us think she's "just like us" but it strikes me as a last ditch effort to drum up interest in the campaign. I ain't falling for it.
Could Tampa Rays pitcher Matt Garza spit a little more? The guy spits constantly. He spews little flecks of spit all over the place. It's very difficult to watch and I couldn't help but wonder if he does it at home.
The World Series starts on Wednesday. We have tickets to game 4 on Sunday. As it happens, there is an Eagles game at 1pm and a Who concert at 8pm at the aptly named sports complex. Parking will be nearly impossible, so I'll go out of my way to use public transportation. The Phillies game is at 8:30 and I cannot figure a way that there will be enough available parking. Between the exodus of the football fans and the influx of AARP members going to the Who show, it will be a nightmare.
The cat's blood work came back today. His kidney ailment is still progressing, but isn't yet at the terminal stage, so we'll have another Christmas together and he'll easily make it to the age of 18 in February. The downside is that the vet wants me to come in and learn how to give him saline injections to keep him hydrated. Geez. I have to give a 17-year old cat a needle. That should go over big. Maybe, while I'm there, they can show me how to stitch up my own hands and heal puncture wounds.


kimmyk said...

i hate when i lose my keys!
just the other day i lost my debit card and damn near stroked out...found it in my hoody pocket.

the hoody i was wearing at the time.
took me 10 minutes to find it, felt like an hour. i was on the phone with the bank when i reached in my pocket...doh!

glad you found it. i would hate to think of you sleeping outside waiting on the locksmith. it's brrr out there.

kimmyk said...

oh yeah, about kitty...find out if it's totally necessary for kitty to get shots, cause that's horrible, but if needed, then i get it and your reasoning for doing it.


Kate Michele said...

two words

video camera


Anthony said...

Kimmyk: I'm doing some research. The same way I found out that he needs Omega 3 fish oils, potassium paste and low protein.
So far, it's looking like the saline is a good idea. He'll need to stay hydrated and for now it will only be once a week.

kimmyk said...

oh that's not bad then.
that's kind of funny-that a kitty needs omega 3's (kitties love fish).

maybe give kitty tofu instead of beef or chicken fancy feast. y'know, cook it in chicken broth and shred it (as much as you can shred tofu) and give that to kitty with some mushed up veggies. almost like making homemade cat food.

omg anthony, we could be onto something here. organic cat food. i use to make adam and abbie's babyfood and stored it in ice cube containers in the freezer. same principal i guess.