Friday, June 27, 2008

Looking ahead from my place at the rear.

Big doings and nothing doings this weekend for the sick minded.
Friday (today or tomorrow depending) is yet another Dave Matthews show. This one is in Hershey, PA - and you know what's in Hershey. That's right ... beer. No really, it's the chocolate thing. The big stadium (Hershey Park stadium or something) is right next door to the big chocolate factory, so there's tailgating (the beer part) and Reese's cups in my future. I'll have to find a way to keep them chilled, since it's going to be hotter than Hell on Friday (today or tomorrow depending).
This is the last Dave show of the summer for us. My friend is a total groupie. After the Camden show a couple of weeks ago she did her usual "follow the band back to the hotel" thing. Usually it includes me, but this time the show coincided with the LPGA Championship in Maryland, and you know how that little competition came out.
Well, it turns out that this year she got to meet His Majesty and got a big hug and special treatment from the people who do their best to protect Dave from the hoi polloi. So, I missed out on that, but I got to see Suzann Pettersen, so it's a wash as far as I'm concerned.
We'll get an early start and pack the cooler with plenty of Golden Monkey and Tripel Horse, along with some ... food. Gotta take food.
So that's Friday (today or tomorrow depending). Saturday and Sunday is the nothing doing part. If you're an LPGA fan (and I can't imagine how you aren't), this week is the U.S. Open, which they call the U.S. Women's Open, even though it isn't called the U.S. Men's Open. Anyway, it's on big network TV Saturday and Sunday from 3 to 6, so if you need me, my butt will be firmly planted between those hours watching some South Korean beat up on the girls. As of today, it's Ji Young Oh in a first place tie with Pat Hurst. Guess which one is from South Korea.
I know you're wondering, so I'll tell you that Paula Creamer is three shots back in seventh place. Saturday and Sunday will be much more interesting if she's in one of the last groups.
More later.


Sparky Duck said...

I think you maybe turning into a DMB groupie yourself. Have you tried the ice cream yet?

Anthony said...

You know, I haven't had ice cream in months. I should treat myself. Maybe I'll have some while I'm watching the girls over the weekend.