Monday, March 3, 2008

After a short break, some politics.

Today's Jeopardy category: Desperation
Answer: "For some people this election is about how you feel, it's about speeches," Hillary Clinton said. "Well, that's not what it's about for me. It's about solutions."
Question: What does somebody say when they are not a good speaker?
It sounds like Hillary is a little peeved about the Kennedy-esque traits being attributed to Senator Obama. It’s true, if not a little irritating, to hear people comparing his campaign to the hopeful (albeit na├»ve) spirit of the 1960s-era John/Bobby Kennedy campaigns.
I think it’s partly because people want to believe that he can change the world. Whether he can remains to be seen. My inherent cynicism is making me doubt it – just a little.
It’s a nice idea though. It’s full of hope, and people need hope, especially when they don’t have much else. Gasoline prices are at record levels, the price of wheat is ready to jump so high that a simple sandwich will cost much more than it does now and we’re fighting a war in Iraq that most people can’t explain.
Barack Obama is coming along at politically the right time. Just as Jimmy Carter was born out of the corruption of the Nixon administration and John Kennedy was born out of the stoicism and military discipline of Eisenhower, along comes Barack Obama on the heels of perhaps the biggest clown to ever occupy the office of President.
The good news is that it cannot get much worse, and Americans are seeing huge upside potential. Stuff like that can get a guy elected.
Now, define political logic - an oxymoron if there ever was one …
TOLEDO, Ohio -
Democratic Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton suggested Monday she'll press on with the campaign after Tuesday's crucial primaries, arguing that momentum is on her side despite 11 straight losses to rival Sen. Barack Obama.
They say that men are good at reading maps because they are the only ones who can make an inch equal a mile. If that’s true, then politicians can similarly extract momentum from 11 straight defeats.
Tuesday will be interesting. Texas, Rhode Island, Vermont and Ohio.


kimmyk said...

Hillary was in town yesterday and I didn't know it til I read it on the headlines of

I really like her. and Barack. I have an idea of who will get my vote, but I won't know til I do it tomorrow morning...bright and 6:30am.

Be there or be square.

rattln along said...

I am afraid that I can not vote for Obama. I have listened to his speeches and I have not found any substance to them.

I mean anyone can get up there and say change is good and hope is important, but what does that mean to me when I struggle to make ends meet on a 13.50 an hour job? Gas is hitting $4.00 soon and it is going to impact everything. What change to what policy will help me?

Universal health care???
Who is going to pay for it? I'll tell you who... It will be more out of my 13.50 an hour pay check. That's who.

There isn't a candidate running that I can honestly say I support.

anna said...

I voted for Hilary. I wanted to vote for Edwards but he quit on me. I enjoy hearing Obama speak, but it's just words. All politicians are full of words and full of shit.

Kim, I hope you vote for Hilary 2morrow.