Saturday, December 8, 2007

Win your next bar bet.

Charles Woodson in 1997. That's the last time somebody besides a running back, quarterback or wide receiver won the Heisman Trophy, the award that is supposed to go to the outstanding player in college football. He beat out some quarterback from Tennessee named Manning. Whatever happened to him? The 9 runner up's were all QBs, RBs and a WR. Guys named Moss, Williams, Enis and Leaf. Before 1997, it hadn't happened. So, once in 70 some years.
That's your bar bet question: In 72 years of Heisman Trophy awards, who is the only non-RB, QB or receiver (they were called Ends in 1936) to win the Award? Charles Woodson from Michigan, Cornerback, 1997. I don't remember, but it must have been quite the upset.
Tonight, the grand tradition continued as Tim Tebow, the sophomore quarterback from Florida took the trophy home. And the fraud continues.
I'm not saying that Tebow doesn't deserve the award - maybe he does. However, I find it odd that the award for "Most Outstanding College Player" (their words, not mine) would be given to an offensive "skill position" player 71 times. It seems kind of narrow-minded to me. Of course, I wouldn't call Miss America the most beautiful single woman in this country either, so maybe it goes with the territory?


anna said...

Yeah, I knew that jerk would get it. My husband kept sayin' it would go to McFadden, but I knew better. They love those "slick" players as I call 'em. He's a decent QB but I think the rest of them got screwed. Plus, I don't like him cuz he's hated Gator meat!!!


Anthony said...

Oh Anna, I knew you'd have something to say about it.

As a Vols fan, I'm not too hot on the Gators either.
Speaking of which, I see they gave Fulmer a big contract extension. Nitwits.
He's the worst big-time Division 1 coach working today.

Firestarter5 said...

College/University football up here draws a crowd of maybe a couple hundred people. I can't understand the fascination it draws in the US.

anna said...

College (SEC) football is like God down here.

Anthony, OMG! Please don't tell me you are a *CHOKING TO TYPE IT* VOL's fan? Please, take it back Anthony! Please! If they were playin' hell in football, I'd be rootin' for the devil and his peeps of demons. Fulmer is a joke and he only comes into Alabama at night with a crowd of guards. (no joke)

Sparky Duck said...

Woodson, one of the best shut down CBs in college since Deion.