Friday, August 10, 2007

Another unsolicited e-mail

Uggh. This guy again. He's got to be at 14:59 by now.
I like the way they have to keep reminding us that he's "the 30 year old", as though his Time Tunnel looks will make us realize that he's probably getting AARP membership applications in the mail.
After that stunning Ford commercial, the sky is the limit for the guy that "captured the hearts and minds of more than 63.4 million", several of whom voted for him multiple times. Trace those calls next time. I'll bet they got the 3.4 million right. The 6 I'm not so sure of. I like the part of the commercial where they focus on his feet. They're both moving. Amazing. And what a voice .... static set to music.
Meanwhile, I've figured out a way to save 100% on tickets. I'm not buying them.
How do I block that e-mail address?


Sparky Duck said...

Where the hell is the Ritacco Center? Sounds like a shopping mall. Which is where we shall see him next.

Anthony said...

I think it's in Toms River, NJ. That, combined with the half-price tickets makes for a real nice gig.

kimmyk said...

i never did like him.
being on american idol people who know is short lived fame.

i've forgotten half of the people on there now and most of the winners.

who won this year again i forget?

Anthony said...

This year's winner was the Fox Network, and the losers were common sense and two hours a night.

the108 said...

I thought Katherine McPhee had a nicer rack. But that's just me.