Monday, August 21, 2006

They Buried the Lead

We still aren't sure if the networks jumped the gun in reporting that JonBenet Ramsey's killer had been aprehended (since his story is full of holes) but the creepy little guy had a much more interesting back-story that newspapers and television glossed over. This was the last paragraph in the Philadelphia Inquirer's lengthy story today:

Hours before Karr's departure, a doctor at a seedy but popular clinic in downtown Bangkok specializing in sex-change surgery said Karr had come in for treatment. "He was one of my patients," Thep Vechavisit of the Pratunam Polyclinic said. He refused to provide further details. Bangkok, where Karr lived on and off for two years, is regarded as a major global center for sex-change operations. The Pratunam clinic advertises sex-change surgery for $1,625 - a bargain compared with U.S. prices, where male-to-female reassignment surgery can cost tens of thousands of dollars.

First, I'm not sure that I would be looking for a bargain where sex-change surgery is concerned, especially when the operation is going to take place in a city named Bangkok. When the issue is anything that concerns the delicate nether regions, I'm paying for quality, and if my desire is to go from Anthony to Antoinette, I'm not letting anyone from a "Polyclinic" do the dirty work. But that's just me. I'm not the 'seedy but popular' type.
Whether or not we can agree that Karr is her killer, we can certainly agree that he would adjust well to the whole sex-change deal.
To undergo a sex change operation, a patient must have taken female hormones for at least two years and pass a psychiatric evaluation. It appears as though he's been taking the hormones, and it's just a guess, but I'm thinking that the psychiatric evaluation can't be too difficult to pass.
The procedures include Penile skin inversion vaginoplasty with scrotal skin graft, Sigmoid colon vaginoplasty, Breast implant surgery and Trachea shave. Wow. It turns out that a trachea shave involves reducing the Adam's Apple to mimic the shape of a woman's neck and costs $1,200.
I learned something today. Thank you, sick bastard.


kimmyk said...

I read that about the clinic-he just seems totally weird to me. Just one more reason to question his mental well being. Not that transgender people are messed up-just very confused.

Kate Michele said...

That actually answers a thought I had this morning while watching the "Today Show". Did you see it?

They had writting samples on there, one was the ransom note and one was a yearbook of Karrs...I just keept thinking that the writting looked so much like a womans!!

So funny you should post this!!

Pam said...

This whole thing is just BIZARRE!