Thursday, June 29, 2006

No Limits on Nonsense

After a couple of days away from the blogging, I have returned to find that the limits of odd behavior in which my fellow humans will engage has expanded a bit further.
After a flurry of early posts in which I recounted my disdain for certain televison shows, sports, the Bush administration and even cracked a few jokes along the way; I have found the waters a bit clear of targets for my rants. However, I know that the creeps and weirdos of the world will continue to stock those waters with fresh ideas and innovative behavior. Generally, my patience is rewarded, and I hope it makes for good copy. This most recent oddity appeared today ...
There is currently a trial going on in Bristow, Oklahoma, where former judge Donald D. Thompson is accused of using a penis pump on himself during trials, most notably during the trial of a murdered toddler, during his grandfather's teary-eyed testimony. You may now take a few seconds to re-read that sentence.
If that wasn't bad enough, his former court reporter testified that he exposed himself to her at least 15 times in a three-year span.
Even if you think a penis pump is a neat little device, and you decide to give it a whirl, what would be your motivation for bringing it into your workplace? It just happens that this guy was a judge, but it could be one of your co-workers or a bank teller, car salesman or even the guy who works in the store where they sell the penis pumps. He probably gets a discount.
Thompson testified that he kept it in his office or under his bench, but that he never used it. Apparently, he failed to understand the concept of that "whole truth and nothing but the truth" bit.
What this story demonstrates is the confirmation of my continued belief that no one person should automatically placed above another. We are placed where we are through some odd set of circumstances, and we can either handle the assignment or not. Don't for a minute think that merely because it says Doctor, Judge, Representative or Reverend before their name that they are somehow entitled to your unconscious esteem. They are first and foremost Mr. or Mrs.
The positions can be given, but the respect must be earned.


Kate Michele said...

WOW.... Thats messed up...Question though, How do they know he used it during the murder trial? Did some one see him or catch him? Cause its pretty stupid for him to lie given theres a witness...though stupidity seems to be he's middle name!!

They had this report out a few months ago that said they found sex preditors on line were teachers pastors peditricians and even lawyers that go after the scum that they are!!! So you're VERY right..... Statis means nothing and you can't trust anyone!!

Anthony said...

The court reporter tracked down the "shh shhh" sound, and later, a police officer filed a report of his actions during the trial.

Highly entertaining, but sad.

MyRiseAbove said...

Do those pumps really work?

Pam said... sick mind is saying that he got off on the testimony. which is truly disgusting.

i'm not sure how the penis pump works though - I thought they were used with impotent men. Did it help his masturbate or something? Why would someone want a hard-on at work? (I do realize that I am trying to apply reason to the irrational here).

JB said...

I think this is one of those crimes that calls for one of those so called "interesting punishments..."

Forty_Two said...

It helps him think about the case.