Friday, June 30, 2006

He Dribbles Before He Shoots

Sometimes driving while intoxicated isn't necessarily your biggest problem. Eddie Griffin is a 24 year-old forward for the Minneapolis Timberwolves. But basketball isn't his only skill. He can also drive with one hand, but if you're on the sidewalk, you'd better keep your eye on him.

One late night back in March, Eddie was traveling the streets of Minneapolis when he hit a vehicle in an intersection, then went into a nearby convenience store and confessed to empoyees that he was intoxicated. After offering to buy the owner of the damaged vehicle a new one, police were summoned. For some reason, they elected to drive him home to St. Paul without testing him or charging him with D.W.I. It couldn't be because he is a popular basketball player, could it? No, probably not.

But, I will bypass that indiscretion to focus on another. As it turns out, the reason Eddie collided with the other vehicle is because he was allegedly watching a pornographic video on his dashboard and masturbating while driving. In Minnesota, that falls under the category of "distracted driving". To say the least.

Eddie was previously arrested for marijuana possesion, after the Houston Rockets suspended him for missing a team flight and practices. Later that year, he was arrested for shooting a gun at a woman and beating her in his Houston home. He violated probation and spent 15 days in jail for that one. Oh ... and he has also been through alcohol-abuse treatment, which apparently failed. It sounds as though there may be another type of abuse for which he needs treatment.

Perhaps a bigger question is: Why is it legal to sell a vehicle with a video screen in the dashboard?


Kate Michele said...

For real!!! Video screens in the dashboard aren't distracting.... Noooo......

And this is guy is STILL playing after all this?? You'd think the NBA would get tired of it.

Side note: I understand for you guys that you all get pleasure out of watching porn and "servicing" yourselves..... But there are more approprate places to do the deed than a MOVING CAR!!!!!!!

Kate Michele said...
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Kate Michele said...
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Anthony said...

Kate, check the list I put up on the 25th, and you'll see that this guy fits right in!

MyRiseAbove said...

Sounds like he has many addictions.
It's not good that they can get away with so much... Our safety should be number one priority.
It's so sad that our society will choose money over others' lives.

kimmyk said...


Wonder if he got out with pants down around his ankles, the tosser.


Kate Michele said...

KimmyK: LMAO!!! Girl that was too funny!!! Thanks I needed that laugh

Forty_Two said...

He's a classic Columbine Jock.

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