Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sunday in the city.

Since Christ is going to return in a couple of months, I figured it would be a good time to go out and take some photos. There were more than a couple of people carrying those signs around Philadelphia on Sunday, so I guess they must know what they're talking about.
As for me, I'd hate to think that on May 21 the world is going to end. I'm going to miss the Orioles and Nationals at Camden Yards. That would suck, and Jesus wouldn't want me to miss such a big baseball game, would He?
I left The Mighty Thor at home to go to the big city and put the camera to work.
This is the lobby of the Comcast Center on JFK Boulevard. They spent a lot of my cable money on a large video screen. The show is pretty impressive, but I can't help but wonder why there are three indentations over the entrance ways.
I think the show would be more impressive if the screen was a large rectangle.
In Philadelphia, there is a problem with people who want to dispose of their toilet tissue in places other than the toilet. That's why it's necessary to put signs up.
This is the lobby of the Comcast Center. Downstairs, there are shops and small restaurants that were closed, because it's Sunday. My cable bill charges for every day.
This is City Hall from JFK Boulevard. There was a St. Patrick's Day parade going on nearby. It was loaded with people who couldn't find Ireland on a map.
A cluster of buildings shields Liberty Place from Broad Street. That's City Hall on the left.
The large video screen at the Comcast Center proves that people will watch anything, as long as it's on TV. The lobby was filled with spill-over's from the St. Patrick's Day parade who were sitting at tables, staring at the giant screen.


Cliff Yankovich said...

Reader's Digest ran an ad for the people promoting the May 21st Day of Judgement. Having a fairly good familiarity with the Bible I was wondering how they got by the verse in which Jesus said NO one knows when the Day is gonna happen. They had a coolio dodge for that one - but I remain unconvinced, so you might want to go ahead and get your ticket for the ball game Anthony. ;-)

Anthony said...

Perhaps they feel privileged, or in on some divine knowledge-type thing? I remember seeing something about Ezekiel 21 on the other side of the sign. I don't own a Bible.

I found a web site that claims that Judgment Day is May 21, but the end of the world won't come until October 21.
That would cock up the World Series, I think. Maybe if the Yankees get in, that would be an indication?

Cliff Yankovich said...

Ah, then this whole end-of-the-world thing - well, at least the end of YOUR world - boils down to whether or not Jesus, as so many of those young lads named after Him, is a fan of baseball.
This requires further cogitation and more tossing of the Joss sticks.